Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane If You Are Under 21?

Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane If You Are Under 21?

Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane If You Are Under 21? This question has been raised by large number of people.

A vaping device has gained immense popularity over the past few years. The aroma of an e-liquid or vape juice and the convenience offered by vape devices might have been a reason behind this. Another reason behind their popularity is lithium batteries which make vaping devices easier to use time and again. This is why users have now started to turn to vaping instead of smoking

So, keep reading about electronic smoking devices. You can find all the information in this article. 

Will Your Vape Pen Be Confiscated If You Are Under 21? 

If you’re under 21 and looking to bring electronic cigarettes on a flight, you may have come across various conflicting answers. You may have been told that there shouldn’t be any issues as long as you keep it in your carry-on luggage and declare it at check-in. 

However, out of many opinions, one correct is that airport security allows vapes even to underage people. In simple words, a disposable vape or non-disposable one is perfectly legal. However, specific effective measures laid down by individual flight security allow smoother passage of vaping products. 

traveling with e cigarette if you are under 21 

Few Tips To Carry Vape Products While Flying 

Rechecking The Device For Preventing Accidental Activation 

Sometimes, we must remember to switch off other electronic smoking devices. This may lead to unforeseen damage. Moreover, TSA officers may confiscate your vape to prevent any accidental activation on the flight. Check that the vape coil has returned back to its normal temperature. Thus, recheck the device before proceeding with other formalities at the airport. 

follow crew member's instruction 

Keeping Vape In Your Hand Luggage 

Your next step is to pack vape in your carry-on bag. Checked bags go into the luggage, and keeping vapes in them carries a risk factor. Even the transportation security administration lays down the same rules. 

TSA regulations do not allow vape devices into luggage. They could be easily packed in carry-on bags, though. This applies to the person who is under 21. However, there may be legal action if one is caught vaping on the flight. 

do not give vape in a checked luggage 

Declare It At A Smoke Detector Counter 

You must pass your luggage to an x-ray machine when boarding national or international flights. TSA agents check for any questionable items in your bag during this process. So, one tip to follow is to declare your vape pen beforehand. It is especially advisable for those who are under 21.

Sometimes, the TSA confiscate them as illegal substances if you try to hide them. This is why tell your TSA agent you are carrying a vape pen and assure them it is switched off. 

checked baggage is not safe for vapes 

Follow Crew Member’s Instructions 

Another tip to be followed is to stop vaping at the right time. Moreover, recheck the vape tank and its heating element before you are ready for takeoff. If you find any issue, it is best to take advice from a crew member. 

checked bag vs carry on bag for vape pens 

Additional Instructions To Be Followed 

Although, TSA rules allow the carriage of vape pens on a flight, even if you are under 21. It would help if you were thorough with age restrictions and other state laws while traveling to a different region. 

Moreover, if you travel internationally, you must carry all the valid documents. It is so because many countries suspect vape pens as harmful, and you may suffer jail time because of the same. 

Furthermore, many airlines may allow vape pens, but you must also fulfill the legal regulations of particular states. Therefore, read about their legal status. Follow them at every step. If they do not allow vape pens in their region, then there is no point in carrying vapes in the first place. 

taking e cigarettes to other states 

Final Thoughts

Individuals under 21 may carry vape or electronic cigarettes on a plane. Moreover, TSA won’s obligate or suspect vape pens. Instead, they would allow safe passage if your vaping device is switched off. 

However, state laws may differ. Some states may allow your arrival, while others may not. It is because of the health concerns towards minors. Lastly, you may also get relevant information about do metal detectors detect vapes. Knowing all the relevant information would ensure your safe and legal travel. 


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