How To Ghost Vape?

how to ghost vape

If you’ve been vaping for any time, you’re probably aware that it’s not the most socially acceptable habit. Many people see vapers as weirdo introverts who won’t leave their homes, or perhaps they view them as ignorant smokers who are bound to get cancer sooner rather than later. However, with the growing popularity of vaping and the knowledge that it’s a much safer alternative than smoking cigarettes, more and more people have come to accept vapers into society. If you’re naïve to vape or want to learn new tips and tricks on how to do it discreetly, we have you covered with this ultimate guide on the most exciting trick: ghost vape.

How To Ghost Vape


What Is Ghost Vaping?

Ghost vaping refers to vaping in an almost undetectable way — you’re basically “haunting” the people around you. This is usually done with a sub-Ohm mod and a low-VG e-juice. People won’t even know you’re vaping if you vape like this! You’ll be invisible. However, the vapor is much thicker when you vape at a high wattage and VG ratio. So thick that it’s just like a cloud of smoke. The problem with this is that it’s evident to everyone around you that you’re vaping — you can’t ghost vape like this.

Why Should You Try Ghost Vape?

As we’ve already discussed, ghost vaping is vaping discreetly. The last thing you would wish to do is draw attention to yourself, especially if you’re vaping indoors. The vapor smell is pretty strong, so it’s obvious someone is vaping. If you’re vaping at work or out in public, there’s a good chance someone will smell your vape and come over to make sure everything is okay. Vaping discretely can help avoid unwanted attention and ensure you don’t annoy the people around you. Ghost vaping can even help you stay safe, especially if you’re vaping in public. If you’re vaping at work and someone comes to complain, they’re not going to get as upset if they don’t even know you’re vaping.

How To Ghost Vape


How To Perform Ghost Vaping?

To ghost vape, you will want to make a few changes to your usual vaping habits. First and foremost, you’ll want to use the right equipment. You’ll want to ensure you’re using a sub-Ohm mod that produces lower wattages and voltage. Somewhere in the 20-50W range is perfect. You also want to use a low VG e-juice — something like no more than 50/50. Using a higher VG e-juice is going to make your vapor much thicker. You also want to ensure you’re vaping at the correct wattage. If you’re vaping at too high of a wattage, your vapor will be thick and noticeable. You want to ensure you’re vaping at a low enough wattage to make your vapor thin and almost unnoticeable.

Wrapping Up

Ghost vaping is about being discreet and keeping your vaping habits to yourself. With the right equipment, you can easily vape, and no one will even know. Now, ghost vaping isn’t suitable for everyone. Some people like to make a statement and be loud and proud with their vaping, and that’s fine. If you wish to stay under the radar and vape in an almost undetectable way, then ghost vaping is precisely what you need.


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