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How To Fix Your Vape Pen If It Is Blinking 3 Times?

how to fix your vape pen blinking 3 times

Updated- 23rd October

Why does my vape blink 3 times, and what does it mean if your vape blinks? If you have ever encountered your vape pen flashing white 3 times or any other color, you might wonder what is causing this signal. A vape pen blinking 3 times can indicate a specific issue. Here, we will first understand how you can fix your vape blinking 3 times and the reasons behind it. We will help you resolve the issue so your vape can work smoothly again. 

Learn How You Can Fix A Vape Pen Blinking 3 Times

Here are some steps that you can employ to fix your vape pen blinking 3 times.

1) Try charging your vape 

A vape pen blinking green 3 times or any other color may indicate a low battery. Whenever you notice your vape blinking, plug it in a charger and charge it properly. This may resolve your issue and stop the constant flashing. 

2) Look for overheating or short-circuit 

If you have been taking too long hits without any breaks, it might heat the device and cause it to blink. To prevent this, you can space out your vaping sessions and avoid overuse. This is because overheating can trigger the lights to flash. 

3) Adjust temperature settings  

Incorrect power or temperature settings could be another potential cause for a vape pen blinking. Numerous vape pens offer adjustable settings that enable users to tailor their experience. If you’ve accidentally configured your device with the wrong parameters, consider readjusting the power or temperature to the appropriate level. Refer to the vape pen’s user manual for the correct temperature setting tailored to your device. 

4) Check the connections 

Sometimes, you can also notice your vape blinking when the cartridge is in. This may occur if there is a poor connection between the battery, cartridge, or atomizer. You can see if the connection is secure and look for any trapped dirt or dust particles. If you notice any debris or dust, simply soak a cotton plug in rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface gently. 

5) Refill your vape 

If your vape has very little or no e-liquid, it can also cause it to blink. So, while fixing your vape pen’s blinking, before anything else, you should refill your vape pen with an ample amount of e-liquid. 

6) If your cartridge is clogged, use a hair dryer at low heat

If debris obstructs the vape cartridge, it could malfunction and start blinking. In such a situation, heat a blow dryer lightly, and blow over the cartridge opening to correct the situation. After that, carefully assemble your vape pen. These steps may help you increase the battery life and enhance your vaping experience.

7) Replace the coil 

A problematic coil can also cause your vape pen to blink. Using the vape pen over a long period can cause a residue buildup. You should replace the old, worn-out coil with a new one and deal with the blinking issue.

vape pen flashing green

What Causes Your Vape Pen To Blink 3 Times? 

A vape pen flashing 3 times can be the result of many reasons. Below are the potential reasons for the vape pen blinking 3 times.

1) An issue with your vape’s connection or battery

There isn’t a standard warning system for all vapes because there are many different types and styles. A vape pen flashing white three times in some vape pens could mean the vape is running on low battery, there is a poor connection between the vape battery, or the cartridge isn’t working correctly. See the user manual for your electronic device and ensure your charger connects perfectly to the device. 

2) You’ve been inhaling from your vape for a very long time

Some vape pens might turn off (around 10 seconds or longer) if you take an extremely long puff. It’s better to take shorter puffs to increase the working of your vape battery.

3) Perhaps your vape is getting too hot

Flammable lithium-ion batteries power disposable vapes. Some vapes include a built-in mechanism that shuts the vape pen off and makes it blink as a safety precaution.

4) You took too long to release the vape pen’s power button

The power button on some vape pens might blink three times for at least 15 seconds. Release the power button in this situation and press it once more to continue vaping.

why does my vape blink?

5) The vape pen is overheated 

Excessive heat in the battery can also be a reason for your vape pen blinking. This overheating can result from prolonged use, overcharging, or exposure to elevated temperatures. It’s crucial to address this promptly because neglecting the problem could lead to dangerous outcomes, including the potential for the vape to explode or even catch fire.

6) The coil is worn out

If you have been using your vape for a long time, it might burn the coil and cause your vape to blink. 

Final Words 

If you notice that your vape pen blinks three times, it’s crucial to troubleshoot and resolve the underlying issue. Start by checking if the battery is low, the coil connection is proper, or if there are any clogs in the airflow. Once you have ruled out these common issues, refer to the user manual of your vape pen for specific guidance. Taking prompt and proper action to address the blinking issue can help ensure a safe and satisfying vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How can you fix a vape pen blinking 10 times? 

Although it depends on the model, if your vape blinks 10 times try charging your vape with its charger and see if the blinking stops.

2) What do different blinking colors mean on different vape pens? 

Here is a brief explanation of what different blinking colors mean on various vape pens:

  • Vape pen blinking blue 3 times: indicates low battery or it is out of e-liquid.
  • Vape pen flashing green 3 times: dead or damaged battery, or connection issues. 
  • The Vape is blinking red: low battery.
  • Vape pen blinking yellow: medium amount of battery. 
  • Vape pen flashing a purple light: a short-circuit in the device. 
  • Vape pen flashing white 3 times: battery isn’t connected properly or it needs to be charged. 

3) Can I fix a vape pen blinking myself?

Yes, many blinking issues can be resolved easily by following the steps mentioned in this blog. 

4) How can I prevent my vape pen from blinking in the future? 

Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent most blinking issues.Moreover you must also  ensure proper connection and maintenance.

5) What should I do if my vape pen continues to blink even after trying all the troubleshooting steps? 

If you experience any issues after the suggested solutions, contact the manufacturer’s customer support or visit a vape shop for assistance.



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