How To Do Vape Tricks?

How To Do Vape Tricks?

Vape tricks aren’t reserved for pro-level vapers anymore. Thanks to the growing knowledge of popular vape tricks. Learning how to vape has become accessible and attainable for everyone. From first-timers to enthusiasts, more and more people are adopting the practice of vaping tricks as a form of entertainment. 

Consequently, there is now an abundance of online videos, tutorials, and blog posts on the subject from every corner of the world. But with so many advanced tricks, it can be challenging to know where beginner vape tricks could be learned! 

Whether you’re a beginner to vaping or have been steadily working on your skill, this article is for all of you. We will focus on how to do vape tricks with ease. Moreover, we will also discuss some easy vape tricks for beginners. You’d find a detailed account of more advanced tricks as well. So, without further ado, let’s look into cool vape tricks. 

most popular vape tricks 

How To Perform Different Vape Tricks? 

Vaping tricks have become an integral part of the vaping culture thanks to the creativity and energy that comes after you perform vape tricks. Moreover, vape flavors play a significant role in bringing out the vaping results. Most tricks are based on “spinning” a vape device or smoke trail. They can be achieved by rotating your hand or the vape pen itself. Vapers do many cool tricks, but some of the most common include the following- 

Ghost Inhale

Out of many smoke tricks, Ghost inhaling is the easiest one. This vape trick could be practiced even by vape beginners. In this, the smoke that is released looks like a vapor ball. This smoke trick is also known as snap inhale or mushroom cloud. 

To do this easy vape trick, release all the vapor from your mouth in an O shape. Do not exhale forcefully. The more calm you are, the improved the result will be. 

other vape tricks 

Dragon Trick

The dragon vape trick is less extravagant than it sounds. In it, you blow smoke rings from your nose and the corner of your mouth. In addition, the smoke rings are also called atomic bombs. To do so:

  1. Inhale the juice.
  2. Force out the exhaled vapor through your nose and corners.
  3. Keep the middle of your lips tightly pressed. 

atomic bomb vape 

Waterfall Trick

This trick is the best out of many other beginner vape tricks. In it, the liquid mist is released from a bottle. It could be enjoyable, especially when you are partying outside. The method is to take a long drag and pour it into a bottle. The surface of the bottle should contain frozen water. Afterward, release the liquid mist on a flat surface. 

Vapor Bubble

In this trick, vapor settles in the form of a vast bubble. It could be done by trapping o ring and releasing it into the air. 

vapor settle 

Liquid Mist Trick

How about letting the vapors stay instead of blowing smoke rings? Take a glass with a wide diameter. When it is half full, exhale at just one corner. At last, you would see the liquid magically releasing smoke rings. This is an impressive way to build up your party. 

Bane Inhale Or French Inhale Trick 

Performing vape tricks attract a vast crowd, and this one is such. In this, you would see the vapors flowing upwards from the mouth. In addition, Bane is at an advanced level. Its name has been derived from the Batman- series. The trick is to put your teeth while exhaling out the thick vapor. This way, it would come out in a thin pipe form, making you look like Bane. 

Bull Ring

Most vape tricks are done by mouth. However, this one includes using your nose. In it, you keep blowing smoke rings through your nose, resembling a bull. Remember that you ought to practice before mastering it. 

medium sized smoke ring 

Additional Tips 

To better your chances of succeeding, there are plenty of tips to keep in mind: 

Make Sure You Have The Correct Setup

You must use a device capable of vaping e-liquid to do these tricks. While you can use a vape pen for these tricks, you can also use a box mod, e-cigar, e-hookah, or e-cigarette.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any hobby, vaping tricks require practice. You will likely make mistakes while learning to vape, but that’s normal. 

Work With A Team

If you have friends who vape, you can work with them to practice your tricks. Alternatively, you can join a local vaping club or community to meet other vapers you can practice with.

Find A Mentor

To master the art of vaping tricks, then you should find a mentor. A mentor may help you to understand the basics and get you started with tricks like dragon-blowing.

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Create A Practice Schedule

Like with any other hobby or skill, it can be convenient to get off track. To avoid this, draft a layout and stick to it.

Final Words

Vaping isn’t just a hobby; it’s a subculture with a diverse range of people who are passionate and dedicated to the art form. You’ll likely find a sense of belonging in this community as you improve your vaping skills. Additionally, during your learning stage you may know how to make homemade vape juice. So that the learning becomes affordable.  

From connecting with fellow vapers to attending various vaping events, there are many ways to get involved and make new friends. 


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