Why Is My Disposable Vape Hitting By Itself?

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hitting By Itself?

Auto-fire was a relatively prevalent issue in the early days of vaping from a vape pen, especially with mod devices. However, as technology advanced and major brands improved their quality, problems with mod devices like auto-firing became less common.

However, the problem has become more prevalent with the introduction of pod systems. This could be because a vape device activates using auto-inhale, which means they activate (fire) as you inhale. Fortunately, we can prevent auto-firing with some simple maintenance, as we’ll discuss later in this post.

Why Does Your Disposable Vape Pen Hit By Itself? 

Vape auto firing is likely due to a defective battery or the wrong combination of e-juice. Below are some reasons behind the auto-firing of disposable vapes. 

Defective Battery

Each vape battery includes a processor, often known as a chipset. A chipset serves as your device’s brain. They have numerous safeguards and typically monitor minimum and maximum outputs for power, temperature, and other parameters.

Chipsets can fail in a variety of ways. Dropping your vape device on the ground or in water can easily lead to chip malfunctions. Chip problems, no matter how you do it, might spell catastrophe for your disposable vape pens. A faulty chip will instruct your device to start a fire button even while you are not using it! Therefore, you must be careful if your battery contacts the destroyed chip. Moreover, it might lead to a shorter battery life. 

Poor Connection

Vape device auto-fires might be caused by a faulty connection between your device’s internal components or due to different settings. 

To resolve this issue, clean replacement parts and reassemble your vape device. This should result in a better, more robust connection between the various pieces of your vaping pen.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Hitting By Itself?

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Leakage Of E-Liquid 

If you leave your disposable vape on its side, another common reason is that e-liquid may leak into the battery. In other words, even a few drops of your leaking vape juice may harm and lead to disposable vape auto-firing. 

To avoid this problem, never leave your disposable vape pen lying on its side. Instead, always keep it upright and avoid overfilling the pod/tank. 

Overheating For An Extended Period 

Extreme temperature can have a significant influence on pod systems and other disposables. Especially direct sunlight (or even in high temperatures) can cause your device to overheat and automatically start the firing button.

Manufacturing Defect

Unfortunately, manufacturing flaws are a distinct possibility. Although most manufacturers have guidelines and procedures to detect problems, sure vapes pass the vetting process.

Furthermore, if your disposable vape auto fires immediately, it could be due to a manufacturing flaw. However, it would help if you have yet to attempt to repair a defective device. Contact the retailer who sold you the device instead. They should refund your money and try to mend your vape from auto-firing. 

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How To Stop Disposable Vape From Hitting By Itself? 

Now that you understand why the problem occurs, you must learn how to prevent a disposable vape from auto-firing.

Turn Off Your Disposable Vape Once

Your device can only auto-fire while it is turned on. Before attempting any of the options, you must turn your device off.

In most circumstances, you can stop pressing the fire button for ten seconds or a few times. The number of times varies from device to device. Therefore consult the user handbook.

Furthermore, some disposables don’t have a power button. Many modern throwaway vape devices are so slim and streamlined that they have no functions! You must remove the battery if your vape does not have a distinct off button.

Check The Coil

Coils are a typical problem, especially for novices who lack the vaping knowledge to realize when it’s time to replace an old coil. 

Coils are thin metal wires. It must heat up for your device to function correctly. The coil eventually reaches its maximum capacity and burns out. This can also occur as a result of misuse and result in an unpleasant scorched taste.

If this is the case for you, properly dispose of your old coil and replace it with a new one in your disposable device.

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Recheck The Voltage Of Your Device

Most disposable vape devices do not have variable voltage output. Because the wattage output is fixed, you’ll get small amounts of vapor or huge clouds.

However, some disposables have many settings. The voltage should be between 3.2 and 4 volts. If your device has a lower voltage, you’ve discovered why it’s auto-firing.

You must restart your device to adjust the voltage to an acceptable range. To turn a conventional pod system on and off, push the fire button a particular number of times quickly. When you switch the device back on, it should display several configuration options. At last, when you find the voltage choice, you can change it to a suitable value.

Let Your Vape Cool Down 

Your vape may simply be straining to cope with extreme temperatures. After all, many disposable vape devices are quite small. Furthermore, by touching the outer case, you can typically tell if this is the problem.

Is it hot? If so, add a few e-juice drops to your tank. The juice will evaporate quickly, but it will help cool the coil.

Do Not Use Cheap Liquid 

The juice you use might have a significant impact on your vaping equipment. This means if a disposable vape includes anything other than nicotine salts, it may auto-fire.

Unlike typical freebase nicotine products, which require a lot of power and heat to create a lot of vapor, nic salts require far less power. As a result, nicotine salts fire significantly less frequently.

Furthermore, they are much faster to get absorbed into the bloodstream than freebase nicotine compounds. Therefore, by using nic salts, you may get your nicotine fix faster and avoid auto-firing!

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Final Words

Manufacturer mistakes are not the only cause of auto-firing. Human error can also make your disposable vape harmful. Therefore it’s critical to be aware of all contributing aspects. Another problem that might arise is “how to make a disposable vape not taste burnt,” thus read all the information to avoid any hindrance in your vaping. 

You now have all the information you need to know about stopping a disposable vape from auto-firing. You can deal with severe temperatures, replacement parts, and sensor issues. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned the next time your device begins to auto-fire. 


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