How Long To Wait To Vape After Tooth Extraction?

How Long To Wait To Vape After Tooth Extraction?

“How long to wait to vape after tooth extraction” is the most common question every vape user asks. It is because you might be tempted towards vaping or smoking after tooth extraction. However, experts do not recommend vaping immediately after wisdom tooth surgery. They advise taking a gap of around 72 hours as a recovery process. 

A tooth extraction is a dental treatment for tooth removal from its socket. This is sometimes referred to as a “tooth pulled.” If your tooth has been in severe pain and cannot be repaired, it may need to be extracted. Moreover, it is generally done for wisdom tooth extraction. Wisdom tooth removal is done either by an oral surgeon or a dentist. 

This article discusses how long you should vape after a wisdom teeth removal. Moreover, we will find out how you can effectively take a break from vaping for your oral and overall health of the teeth. 

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Why Isn’t Vaping Recommended Right After A Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure? 

Every dentist advises oral health as a healing process after a wisdom tooth removal. This is why you should pay special care to a smoother recovery of all your oral tissues. One thing you need to avoid is vaping right after you get your wisdom teeth removed. Experts recommend so because of some of the reasons mentioned below-

To Prevent The Risk Of Dry Socket

A dry socket is a discomforting dental condition usually occurring after an adult tooth is extracted. A dry socket occurs when blood clots fail to form at your tooth extraction site. Without the formation of a proper blood clot, sensitive nerve endings may arise. 

Furthermore, vapers must understand that smoking and vaping are linked to dry sockets. This is because when you have an actual oral surgery of tooth pulling, a blood clot forms where the tooth was extracted as part of the healing process. Therefore, when you smoke or use a vaporizer, the suctioning effect can suck the blood clot out of place, and a dry socket arises at this point. Thus, this is the primary reason behind not recommending vaping right after an oral procedure. 

To Prevent Heat Coming From Sucking Motion From Vaping 

Another reason why experts are firmly against vaping after wisdom teeth is because of the heat involved in this process. They believe vaping is a sucking motion that might harm oral tissues, teeth, and gums. Moreover, vaping cannabis may even make the area where your tooth was pulled more painful. This would not just hinder blood clot formation; vaping heat may also stop healing, leading to discomfort. Hence, you might have to pause vaping for a few days to heal quickly. 

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To Avoid Any Infection Or Gum Disease 

Since a vape pen has e-juice inside that is combined with different liquids like nicotine patches, flavors, tobacco, etc. Vape juice might lead to negative pressure when you vape right after having your tooth extracted. Thus, it is advised not to resume smoking or vaping to avoid any undesirable infection or painful dental condition with vape flavors of different varieties.  

Tips To Help You Avoid Vaping Or Smoking Traditional Cigarettes After Tooth Extraction

If you like vaping every day or smoking regular cigarettes, taking a break from it might be tricky, even if it is for 48-72 hours. In that case, you can try the following tips to satiate your vape craving while keeping your oral health in mind. 

Try A Beverage Infused With CBD Or Delta 8  

Instead of vaping, you can make a drink infused with THC or CBD, which might be equal to vaping an e-juice. Try a tasty THC-infused food or a refreshing beverage for an energy boost or relaxation that you usually get from vaping. 

Chew Nicotine Gum

The second tip is to chew a nicotine gum for a few minutes. If you are craving nicotine salt, you can try to chew gum infused with this compound. However, do so from the other side of your mouth. Moreover, continue doing so for at most five minutes. 

Place Gauze Before Vaping 

The next tip is to use gauze to keep the bone underneath unharmed or if you want to learn how to hide that you vape from dentist. If you decide to resume vaping before the specified wait time, dentists say gauze is not just a good idea but also crucial. They’ll probably tell you to put some over the extraction site to prevent dry sockets or other problems.

However, like any other approach, please remember that gauze cannot guarantee your safety while vaping following tooth extractions. 

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Summing Up 

All of this information is overwhelming when mentally preparing for the extraction procedure. However, spending time away from ordinary life to heal and, most crucially, picking which Netflix show to binge while trapped in bed should suffice. Take a break from the recommended period to come back to vaping in a better way. 


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