Is It Bad To Hit A Burnt Vape?

What Are Vape Salts?

It is necessary to be mindful of the potential dangers coming with vaping, especially when hitting a burnt vape. Burnt vapes can be hazardous, and while it might seem harmless, hitting a burnt vape can result in adverse health consequences.

Vaping is gaining popularity as the most common alternative to smoking. Yet, there are still some potential risks involved that one should be aware of.

Is it bad to hit a burnt vape?

What Is A Burnt Vape?

A burnt vape is one of the issues vape users inevitably face at some point. Although vapes are incredibly convenient and often praised for providing an excellent puffing experience with intricate designs, burnt vapes can create frustratingly bad vape sessions. When your e-juice doesn’t get heated correctly and burnt coil, it leaves a burnt taste lingering after each puff.

The burnt coil’s black color and the acrid smell make it almost unmistakable when it happens. Thankfully, prevention is usually easier than repair; you must ensure e-liquid continuously extends outside the atomizer coils so they can’t directly burn.

On top of that, regular coil replacements are a must to extend coil life and ensure smooth vaping sessions. People often ask how to fix vape pen wires or coils to increase the vape’s lifespan.


The Consequences Of Hitting A Burnt Vape

When vaping, the coil heats e-liquid to create vapor. If the ring gets too hot for too long, this can eventually burn the e-liquid, producing unhealthy toxins. Inhaling these toxins could cause serious health issues such as irritation in the throat or lungs and even respiratory illness.

Additionally, inhaling these toxins may contain carcinogens that can increase cancer risk. Therefore, it is essential to avoid hitting a burnt vape.

How To Avoid Hitting A Burnt Vape?

Vaping technology has advanced significantly, making it easier for users to identify when their vape has gone wrong and needs replacing. Most devices have settings that allow users to adjust temperatures and wattage levels to prevent burning the coil or e-liquid.

Additionally, if you notice a burnt flavor or smell change when vaping, you should stop immediately and replace your device before continuing use.

It’s also advisable to check your coils regularly or opt for ceramic or mesh ones, as they produce less heat which helps reduce the risk of burning your device or e-liquid.

Is it bad to hit a burnt vape?

How To Detect That Your Coil Is Burnt?

Burnt or dry hits are among the most common causes of throat burn, although a coil can be burned for various reasons. If you get a throat burn, your coil has been burned and must be replaced. It is not difficult to learn how to identify a burnt wick or coil; it simply requires practice.

Even though a burnt coil frequently loses its original flavor, flavor is a more decisive measure of burnt coils. After a few puffs, the flavor that should be experienced during the hit is influenced by the taste of a burnt coil, which is sometimes unpleasant in the throat. A drop in vapor output, or a dramatic fall in the vapor produced during vaping, results in a burned coil.

What Causes Burnt Hits?

A Burnt hit is caused by operating an atomizer with no liquid or not enough on the wicks. When no fluid is vaporized, the vape coils burn the wick, and the user inhales burnt cotton. Here are some of the most typical causes of burn strikes.

High Wattage

Excessive wattage vaping will vaporize the e-liquid too quickly. When this happens, the coils might burn the wicks even though vape juice remains. Always keep your wattage within the suggested ranges.


Chain Vaping

The wick will dry up fast when taking many puffs in a row. If you feel that a burnt hit is coming by noticing a slight vape tastes burnt, put your vape down for a moment.

This will allow vape juice to cover the dry spots of the wick. Moreover, It is frequently asked about the ghost vape trick to vaping in public places.

Not Priming Coils

This is probably the most common issue on the list. Priming your coil heads prepares them for first use by allowing the wicks to get utterly saturated with e-liquid. Remember to prime your coils properly if you want to avoid getting a burnt hit.

Even if appropriately primed, if your new coil has a burnt taste, you need to replace it because you received a bad one.

Burnt vape

Emptying The Tank Before Refilling It

Completely emptying the tank before refilling leads to low vape juice levels and damages the coils. When the tank is nearly empty before being filled, the wick will have inadequate e-juice to absorb, resulting in a burnt-tasting vape.

Not Cleaning The Coil

Not maintaining the coil. Maintaining your equipment is a good practice, mainly if you use a vaporizer. Your coils can be cleaned using cotton buds dipped in alcohol, rubbed clean, and washed with hot, clear water to remove any remaining residue and alcohol.

Cleaning the coil extends its useful life. Avoiding burnt hits from your vaporizer will also save you money on replacing them.

Vaping With High VG E-Liquids

Not all e-cigarettes are made the same. Some vape tanks allow high-VG juice, while others require 50% PG or more to function correctly. The stiffer and harder for coil wicks to absorb, e-juice with high VG concentrations and sugar contents are more likely to make the vape taste burnt.

A reasonable rule of thumb is to check for weak channels or loose connection size. If the holes are smaller, your vape tank will likely not bode well with high-VG juice.


Using an Outdated Coil

The most frequent cause of coil burns and the resulting burnt vape flavor is the use of an outdated coil. Without considering personal consumption habits, an average coil should last roughly 2-3 weeks; anything longer could result in a burnt flavor in the vapor.

Coil Has Too Much Cotton On It

Lastly, the coil has too much cotton on it. The mouthpiece is used for inhaling the vaporized e-liquid that has been heated by the coil and created by the wick. When the wick is too small, vaping suffers significantly and could even leak.

The area that needs saturation to function perfectly is increased when too much cotton is used, and the wick burns out as a result. Due to this increase, the amount of time required between vapes to allow the e-juice to absorb completely onto the wick will also rise.

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Are My New Vape Coils Burnt?

Thousands of coils are manufactured daily, yet not all are of the same quality. Because of a manufacturing fault or a loose connection, some coils may be defective right out of the box. Even if adequately primed, if your new coil has a burnt taste, you should replace it because you obtained a defective one.

Furthermore, defective coils occasionally arrive in groups, implying that the remaining coils in the box may also be troublesome. Even if this is unlikely to occur frequently, it is preferable to be prepared. As a result, you should always purchase more than one box of the coil.


Bottom Line

Overall, it is essential to understand that hitting a burnt vape can have some profound health implications, so taking precautions when using any vaping device is necessary. Be sure to adjust the temperature and wattage levels on your device accordingly.

Replace worn-out coils regularly and stop using any vape if you experience an off-vape taste or smell – this could indicate that your device has been burned already and needs replacing before further use. Moreover, you also need to learn how to charge a vape.


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