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How To Make A Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt?

How To Make A Disposable Vape Not Taste Burnt?

A burnt hit on a disposable vape may completely derail your day. Most of the time, it’s caused by an empty disposable that should be discarded. However, there are situations when the device isn’t empty, but you’re still getting burnt hits. 

To fix the burnt taste, check the ratio of your vape juice, including the pg/vg combination. Additionally, there are more tricks to follow for discarding the unpleasant taste of your disposable vapes. 

This post explains why your disposable vapes produce a burnt taste and how you can remedy it. Continue reading all the vaping facts you need to know

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What Are The Steps For Fixing A Burnt Disposable Vape? 

If you’re new to vaping and E-liquid, you’ll eventually come across a period when you go to vape and receive a nasty burnt taste or dry flavor. Fortunately, this does not indicate that your vape pen is on its last legs and that you need to replace it, and sometimes the cure is straightforward. Thus, we’ve mentioned step-wise solutions for fixing the disposable vape taste. 

Step 1: Sanitize The Mouthpiece

Disposable vapes spend a lot of time in pockets and purses. Debris entering the mouthpiece’s chimney might inflict a painful hit.

Hence, examine it carefully and swab it with a rolled-up tissue or serviette. This step does not only ensure more hygiene than a tasting burnt hit. Still, it’s the first step.

Step 2: Take Out The Internals

Many disposables may be disassemblable. Pry the top off with your fingers and a little elbow grease. Shimmy it back and forth until you notice some separation. Pull gently once it begins to give a little. Once it’s visibly coming off, use your nails to work it off.

Also, please note how the pieces are assembled so you can reassemble them correctly. Remove the internals as a whole. Place it on your work table.

Step 3: Examine The E-Liquid Levels

Pat the cotton wick with your finger, or use a dry tissue to see if it’s damp. If it feels parched, bring a bottle of your favorite vape taste. You can pour enough vape juice into the polypill until it is complete. 

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Step 4: Fill Up Your Favorite Vape Juice

Please take advantage of the chance to clean the mouthpiece while it is removed. Wipe away any dirt or debris that might have been collected in your vape tank using a cotton swab or tissue. 

Step 5: Allow The Cotton To Soak

If you just filled the cotton, soak it for a few minutes before puffing. Add a bit more juice if it could use some. Moreover, these disposables have a large liquid capacity. Therefore, allow it to soak for a few minutes to prevent any consequences of burnt cotton. 

Step 6: Reassemble Your Vape Disposable

After you’ve wet the cotton wick, reassemble the vape. Double-check that everything is correctly aligned before screwing the mouthpiece back into place. These steps help you to get rid of the bad taste of burnt disposables. 

Why Does A Disposable Vape Taste Burnt? 

If your vape gives a burnt flavor, it is due to a few probable reasons. Mentioned below are why vape users need to pay more attention to making the best out of their vape devices. 

The E Juice Has Not Settled 

When you activate the gadget, the atomizer slowly heats the liquid to produce vapor and a delicious flavor for your taste buds. Every atomizer has a wicking material, usually cotton, that absorbs the liquid. If you use a vaporizer with changeable coils, you’ll notice cotton peeking out from the holes surrounding the coil, allowing the juice to soak in.

When you fill your vape with liquid and fire it right away, there’s a potential that your vape will vaporize the wicking material instead of heating the liquid. Because the liquid hasn’t absorbed the cotton, it will instead taste burnt on your tongue. 

Incorrect Ratio Of Juice In Your Vaping Device 

Another reason your disposable vape tastes burnt is that you might need to use the correct juice ratio. Using the wrong type of liquid in your device can result in a burnt flavor. Your device is unlikely to perform correctly if you use high-PG, high-nicotine liquid in your sub-ohm tank.

Similarly, because VG is thicker, sub-ohm vaping often requires higher-VG liquids. Even if you don’t receive a burnt hit while using 50/50 e-liquid in a sub-ohm tank, you’ll likely have a harsh, dry hit, which isn’t particularly enjoyable. 

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Burnt Vapor Due To Vaping At High Power 

This is a common issue with variable wattage vapes. Some vape kits have a set wattage, which means they will deliver the same amount of power (give or take a few watts) every time you vape. In contrast, others can intelligently modify the wattage automatically by sensing the resistance of the coil inserted. 

Prolonged Use Of Vape Coils 

If you are also a part of the cultural chain of vaping, this is another common reason behind the burnt taste. Coils have a life, and you’ll notice a more frequent dry, burnt hit while they’re on their way out. Thus, if you’re getting more burnt hits than normal, it’s time to replace your coil or manage the coil’s temperature.

Prolonged use of the same coil may wear out the wick, which evaporates your e-liquid to produce vapor, resulting in that horrible burnt flavor. 

Extra Details To Note When Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt

As with your health, prevention is always preferable over cure. You can do a few things with your disposable vape to prevent a dry or burnt hit. 

  • Slow Down
  • Take Light Puffs 
  • Don’t Overcharge Your Vape Device 
  • Purchase A Premium Quality Disposable Vape 

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Final Thoughts 

Disposable vapes are fantastic for a variety of reasons. Their main advantage is their ease of usage. This means simply removing it from the package and begin vaping. 

It’s awful that you must mess with a disposable vape because it tastes burnt. After all, they’re not supposed to be tinkered with. Still, if you’re determined to get your money’s worth out of the device, you know how to repair that burned hit and prevent it from happening again so that you can practice how to do vape tricks


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