Can You Vape At Disneyland?

Can You Vape At Disneyland?

As you probably have been wondering, can you vape at Disneyland and Disney World? Unfortunately, you can not use your vaping device at this theme park. The Disneyland Resort, including the theme park’s premises, has prohibited items like vape pens or e-cigarettes. Thus, smoking and vaping are not permitted in any Walt Disney World. 

Since the government and security guards in the Disney parks try to create a smoke-free area, keeping them in your car is best. You’ll be able to fully enjoy this magic kingdom without having to worry about your personal belongings falling out of your pockets or backpack on some of the more thrilling attractions. 

Is vaping allowed in theme parks?

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Why Is Vape Pen Not Allowed In Disneyland? 

Undoubtedly, Disney Park is considered the happiest place in the world. Since this place is a privately owned entity, it has the authority to prohibit smoking or any illegal substance it sees fit. 

According to Disneyland’s property restrictions, marijuana (including marijuana-enriched products) is prohibited. This broad restriction applies to all cannabis-enriched vaping products, which include vapes, edibles, etc. Following are the reasons why you will not be allowed to bring vape pens to your next Disney vacation- 

It Might Hamper The Property Of Disneyland Parks

Disneyland holds all the magic to provide all the happiness to its visitors. Thus, it is essential to keep the property as safe as possible. To do so, designated smoking areas have been made outside the premises. Moreover, one may vape their preferred flavor or smoke at Disney resort hotels. 

Furthermore, the authority does not allow Disney parks to smoke because it might hamper their luxurious property. 

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Vape Pens Need To Be Kept Away From Children 

Another reason vape pens are not allowed is that most visitors to Disneyland are minors. They need to be safeguarded from such items containing tobacco, cannabidiol, etc. However, if you are still bent on vaping, you should move to designated areas labeled as smoking. 

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Vaping Might Not Be Desirable In A Public Place Like This 

Thirdly, why vape pens are not allowed in this magic land is because it is a public place visited by millions of people every day. Hence, they might not find the other person vaping desirable. To prevent such an experience, the authority has banned using vape pens altogether. 

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What Are Other Things That Can’t Be Brought Into Disney Springs? 

  • Glass Containers
  • Folding Chairs
  • Wrapped Gifts
  • Pepper Spray 
  • Speakers
  • Lighters/ Matchbox 
  • Alcoholic Beverages

Where Can You Vape Instead? 

Even though vaping is not legal in Disneyland, you may do so before your adventure, after it, or while taking short breaks. In addition, many vaping enthusiasts prefer doing it at their resorts or parks nearby. You may also learn how to vape without setting off smoke alarm in resorts or enclosed parks. 

However, if you do not feel comfortable in a public place, you may vape in your car while following some easy dos and don’ts. Firstly, do not forget to pull the windows down to allow air and smoke to pass through. 

Secondly, incline your seat a little backward to make space for vaping comfortably. This would also ensure that you are appropriately far from steering. 

Last, after vaping, you may chew a mouth freshener to avoid any undesirable smell that might bother others in the theme park. 

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Bottom Line 

Thus, we saw that vaping is strictly prohibited inside the premises of Disneyland around the world. Not just that, there are other risk items that you must avoid carrying in there. Overall, vaping in your car or hotel room is a good idea. 


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