How To Know When Vape Pen Is Charged?

How To Know When Vape Pen Is Charged?

Vape devices might be tricky to use or keep updated in the beginning. This is why new vape pen users keep inquiring about “how to know when vape pen is charged.” You will come to know when your vape pens are fully charged if- 

  • Your LED goes completely off.
  • The LED light becomes a green light.
  • The charging status or vape’s display screen shows the battery percentage at 100%. 
  • When you touch the battery cover, it is no longer warm.

However, if you do not see any of the above signs, pay attention before charging your vape pen. Additionally, you might need to fix the vape pen’s indicator light or your charging process. Thus, follow this step-by-step guide to charge your vape pen. 

How To Know When A Vape Battery Is Fully Charged?

If the signs mentioned above do not appear instantly, you should check other things. Moreover, the vape pen battery may have been charged, but your device is not showing so. Follow the below-mentioned steps to ascertain the same- 

Step 1 Understand Your Vape’s Indicator Light 

The first step in troubleshooting vaping devices is determining what the device’s indicator light is attempting to tell you. The indicator light can function in various ways when charging a vape pen.

  • Some LEDs show a red light when charging and become green or white after the charge is finished.
  • Some LEDs illuminate during charging and switch off when the charge is complete.
  • Some lights pulse during charging and turn solid after the charge is finished.

If you’ve recently converted to a new vape pen, your unique indicator light does not function like your old device’s when charging. Thus, reading the instruction manual should help you determine how the indicator works and how to charge a vape pen.  

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Step 2 Be Aware Of Its Charging Cycle

It’s essential to understand the charging cycle of your vape properly. It would help if you charged it repeatedly or at irregular intervals. It is because a vape pen’s battery starts to fluctuate, or its battery’s life becomes weaker over time. 

Most vape pens have lithium-ion batteries that have a longer life than others. Its battery dies in about 5-6 days. Therefore, you must first utilize the battery to the fullest and recharge it. For more information, read the manual thoroughly about the charging period you must follow. One thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid charging your vape repeatedly at irregular times.  

Step 3 Recheck All The External Factors

After you have put the vape pen charger in, you need to be sure of some of the external factors. They include- checking the charging port, making sure that the power button is on and your charging cable does not have any cuts. 

Moreover, if you use removable batteries, ensure your external charger is up to date. Later on, fit back the removable battery with extra care. 

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Step 4 Maximize Your Battery Life  

It’s not just about charging your vape; instead, keeping its battery intact for a more extended period. It is even more critical to use an external battery charger for cell phones or your USB cable for another device. 

To keep your compatible charger fit, you can charge at regular intervals and avoid plugging it off before 100%. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Phone Chargers Charge Vapes?

Yes and no. While phone chargers can fit and charge inside vapes, you may still risk harming the vape’s hardware. 

When Is It Time For The Replacement Of Your Vape Pen? 

If you’ve tried all the suggestions in this article and your vape pen is still not charging, it’s time to replace it. Firstly, when you feel like you’re continuously recharging your vape pen.

Secondly, when you attach your vape pen to the charger, it appears to charge practically instantly, or the battery immediately dies when you try to vape. 

Are Every Vape Pens Rechargeable? 

While some disposable vapes cannot be recharged, most batteries can. It is simple to learn how to charge almost any vape pen, including cannabis vape pens and e-liquid devices.

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One of the most straightforward aspects of vaping is charging your device. A micro-USB cable, charging port, and outlet are usually required, but some vapes come with removable batteries that require a separate battery charger. 

Moreover, look for color-coded signals on your vape’s LED indicator light to alert you when your vape battery is nearly empty. Additionally, most vapes charge entirely in a matter of hours, often in less than 60 minutes if not empty. 

Finally, don’t do it if you still need to figure out charging your vape with a random phone charger. This can result in unforeseen consequences and wasted money. Thus, follow the directions with your vape and use the compatible charging wire that came with it. Lastly, you may also need to be mindful while vaping. For example, your coil should not be burnt or you should know what wattage should I vape at to keep maintaining your vape’s battery life for long.


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