How To Know If Your Vape Is Going To Explode?

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Vape explosions are a serious issue that can set your clothes on fire or burn your skin. Fortunately, they are also entirely avoidable. All you must do is educate yourself on how to know if your vape will explode.

Signs Of Vape Explosion

Overheating is the number one sign of a vape that’s about to explode. It will become hot enough to burn the back of your hand or the inside of your arm. Note that the palm and mouth are capable of tolerating high temperatures.

So, if a vape feels mildly hot in your palm or mouth, take it seriously and touch it slightly on your skin to confirm the hotness. If it’s burning hot, quickly turn it off, remove the battery, or toss it somewhere safe.

Other signs of vape explosion include:

  • Low Vapor – you will only get a few puffs out of the vape device, and they will be hot.
  • Burning Cotton – typically, the cotton burns when you vape at extremely high temperatures, and the e-juice evaporates faster than the cotton wick can re-saturate itself. But, if the cotton burns even when soaked in the liquid, the vape is about to explode.
  • High-pitch Squeal – sometimes, the battery will let out a high-pitch squeal or noise.

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What Causes A Vape To Explode?

There are several reasons why a vape explodes, all of which link to one crucial component; the vape battery. So, let’s have a look at each one of them!

  • Improper Battery Storage

 The mechanical mod has no safety features to prevent battery overheating and explosion. This makes the metal terminals highly dangerous.

An accidental circuit can form when carrying loose batteries with other metal objects (like keys or coins in your pocket). The metal objects can contact the positive or negative terminal and allow power transfer.

Unlike a regular circuit, the generated power goes back into the e-cigarette battery. This results in overheating until the battery explodes. It’s why loose batteries should never be carried without a storage case.

  • Incorrect Usage

Using mechanical mods requires great care and responsibility. You must know the components like coil resistance, battery amperage, and other essential details. Otherwise, you can misuse the vape device and blow it up.

For example, if the mechanical mod has a low-resistance coil, the atomizer will draw more current with each puff – allowing you to produce high vapor clouds and get more flavor. But, if the vape has a low-wattage battery, the vape will overheat and might explode.

  • Counterfeit & Mislabeled Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries used in vapes are safe. But they aren’t cheap at all. A single vape battery can cost anywhere between $10 to $40. If you vape a lot or don’t recharge the batteries, this can add up to hundreds every month!

Some people try to save money by using counterfeit batteries. These are low-quality replica batteries with unbranded wrappers. While these may work in regulated mods, they can quickly become overheated in mech vapes. 

Another rare but possible manufacturer-related issue is mislabeling. Batteries are labeled with amperage for continuous use. But, if a battery handles 25-amp for a few seconds and the manufacturer hasn’t specified this detail on the packaging, one can be misinformed and use it on high power and risk an explosion!

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  • Over-Charging

If you leave the vape pen on charge for the whole night or use a defective charger, the battery can overheat and explode. Overcharging batteries using a charge intended for high-capacity cells is also possible.

Most batteries can be charged up to 4 to 4.5 volts. Anything above that can make the battery unstable. You can find the charge limit of your vape batteries by looking at the wrapper or packaging box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Vape Explode If It Gets Too Hot?

Yes, vape explosions occur because of battery overheating. If you keep it in extreme temperatures or there is an internal battery issue, the vape will become too hot and explode.

Will My Disposable Vape Pen Explode If I Drop It In The Water?

People often ask, what happens if you drop a disposable vape in water? Dropping disposable vape devices in water will not cause them to explode or catch fire. But they will become unusable and dangerous. It’s best to get the vape checked by a professional or get a new one.

Can A Disposable Vape Explode If You Drop It?

Yes, the vape can explode if you drop it. The impact from the fall can damage the battery and electrical components inside. This can lead to overheating and an eventual explosion.



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