What Happens If You Drop A Disposable Vape In Water?

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Although the internals of disposable vapes are sealed from view, various things within are inconsistent with water. So, while there are some risks associated with disposable vapes, they are generally considered much safer than smoking cigarettes. This is true regardless of any vape product you have.

  • Wet Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used in vapes. The procedures for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries differ from those for alkaline batteries. Lithium-ion batteries may still function if immersed momentarily in water and entirely and immediately dried. 

On the other hand, water can cause corrosion and impair performance if submerged deeply or for an extended period. Furthermore, because a disposable vape’s battery cannot be removed, there is no way to dry it.

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  • Water Mixing With E-liquid

This may be essential to consider if your disposable vape gets wet. E-liquid (or vape juice) contains propylene glycol, glycerin, flavorings, and nicotine.

An absorbent filler material (similar to cotton) drenched in e-liquid is used inside the device. If you submerge your vaporizer in water, water may enter the internals and mix with and dilute the e-liquid. Although e-liquid is miscible in water, it loses its value as a vape liquid. 

One way is to use a drip tip. A drip tip is a small piece of metal or plastic that fits over the mouthpiece of your vape. This will help to keep any liquid from getting into your mouth when you are vaping.

  • Wet Chipset 

A chipset is another electronic component in the vaporizer. These tiny chips control the device’s output, from the automatic draw to the bright LED to the overall vape experience. A processor becoming wet, like a battery, isn’t as big of an issue as it getting wet and not drying. This, like batteries, cannot be removed from a throwaway to dry.

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Functional Operations Of Disposable Vapes

The disposables work by inhaling to trigger the device’s firing mechanism. This is why no buttons are required to start the vapes. As you take air from the vaporizer, the built-in battery drives the coil temperature, which vaporizes the prefilled e-liquid. 

Disposable vapes, like electronic devices, have electric compounds passing through them. The currents in disposable vapes are enough to cause mayhem if mixed with water, whether from a high-powered or average-powered battery.

You risk an electric shock if you mishandle your dropped vape pen, which is dangerous for you or anyone else using the disposable vape. Furthermore, several things can happen on your water-soaked vape. Damaged coils, atomizers, and microprocessors may compromise the overall performance of the vape, or the vape may be destroyed.

What To Do If Your Disposable Vape Falls In Water?

Different businesses use various structural systems in their disposable vapes. Some feature watertight shells that help to decrease the influence of water. Unfortunately, your reading indicates that your disposable vape has been submerged in water.

  • How long did you get the vape out of the water? The damage might be pretty severe if the vape pen was entirely submerged. This indicates that if you removed the vape pen immediately, you might be able to restart the vape.
  • First, if your vaporizer slips into the water, you must open it after removing it. If you can open the vaporizer apart, remove the battery and any other removable parts before leaving the device to dry. Unfortunately, the initial section is only doable with a few vapes.
  • If you gap the device, the drying time will be determined by how considerably water goes inside the vaporizer. You must speed up the drying procedure by wiping away any water droplets within the kit and leaving them to dry for 3 to 4 hours.
  • If you can’t disassemble the device, you can turn it upside down and reject it to dry. In this situation, the operational condition will determine whether the water comes into contact with the heating chamber or any other electrical component inside the vaporizer.
  • After allowing your disposable vape to dry for a few hours, you can try activating it. If you’re lucky, the vape pen will continue to function normally. However, the vape pen will not work if the damage is severe. That is, it should be appropriately disposed of.

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How To Prevent Water From Entering Your Disposable Vapes?

Regardless of how small the vape pen is, watching your vaping gadget still functioning as it did a few minutes before stings. This worsens if you cannot obtain a replacement vape pen immediately. 

Here are some suggestions to assist you in avoiding such incidents in the future:

  • Make use of a protective pouch.

Purchasing a protective casing helps safeguard your disposable vape’s fragile components if it falls on hard flooring or into water. Having a protective poach also helps while traveling. People often ask questions while traveling, can metal detectors detect disposable vapes? The answer to this is, Yes! Vaping devices can be detected.

  • Avoid using vape pens near water sources.

Vaping may be highly addictive; understandably, you may not want to remove the vape device from your sight at times. You must, however, exercise caution when using the disposable vape near a swimming pool or when cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Most disposable vapes are highly addicting. As a result, you must constantly be familiar with your surroundings before setting down the device. Also, avoid using a damp disposable vape device. Instead, wait for it to dry before turning it on. 


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