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Vaping Sucralose E-Juice: Is It Safe? 

Sucralose e-juice has become a popular trend in the vaping industry. Vapers are now using this sweetened e-liquid more frequently than regular vape juice. However there are some safety concerns associated with using sweeteners specifically sucralose in e-juice. As a member of the vaping community, you likely have questions about this topic. In this blog, we’ll explore the safety of using sucralose in vape liquid, alternative sweeteners available, and how unsweetened vape juice can enhance your vaping experience.

What Is The Problem With Vaping Sucralose E-Juice?

You must be wondering what is wrong with using sucralose in your e-juices! Here’s what is wrong:


In this video, you can see what happens when a metal ball is placed in sucralose. Instead of vaporizing, the sucralose transforms into smoke and a sticky, black substance. The more vape liquid you use, the more sucralose is burned. When you vape, you may taste a slight sweetness, and a significant amount of sucralose adheres to the coil and becomes a dark crust.

Additionally, if you opt for an e-liquid that has been sweetened, you may observe a shift in its taste after just an hour or two of use. The e-liquid may start to taste like caramelized sugar; over time, the burnt flavor may dominate. This may even result in a harsh, burning sensation in your throat. In such cases, the only solution is to replace the coil.

If Sucralose Isn’t Safe, Then What Is? 

When it comes to sweetening vape juice, there are multiple options besides sucralose, each with pros and cons. To choose the best sweetener for your vape juice, consider its sweetness level, flavor, safety, and compatibility with your specific recipe. Here are some alternative sweeteners to consider.

Ethyl Maltol 

It is a common sweetener for e-juice. It adds a sweet candy-like flavor to vape juice without overpowering other flavors. However, it’s less sweet than sucralose, so it needs to be used in higher concentrations.


This is a sweetener made from plants and is much sweeter than sucralose. As a result, only small amounts are needed. It also does not contain many calories. However, some may find its taste similar to licorice or slightly herbal. 


Erythritol is a type of sugar alcohol that gives sweetness without adding too many calories. Its pure and sweet flavor makes it ideal for vaping at high temperatures. However, it is not as sweet as sucralose, and you may need to use more of it. A few people have experienced a cooling sensation in the throat after using erythritol.

Traditional sweeteners

Some vapers not very fond of excessively sweet e-liquids also use caramel, maple syrup, buttercream custard, mango, marshmallows, and more to sweeten their e-juice. 

Alternatives to sucralose

How Can Avoiding Sucralose In Your E-Juice Transform Your Vaping Experience? 

The difference between sweetened and unsweetened vape juice lies in various aspects of the vaping experience. Here are some ways avoiding sucralose vape juice can change the way you vape:

1) Flavor Profile: Unsweetened E-juice typically has a cleaner and more authentic taste. You can easily distinguish the individual flavors of the e-liquid ingredients. This can be beneficial if you enjoy a more natural flavor or want to experience a specific taste. 

2) Coil Life: E-juices containing sweeteners can clog coils faster. Coil replacement and cleaning may be less frequent with unsweetened e-juice, making it more cost-effective.

3) Wick Longevity: Sweetened e-liquids can cause wicks to become clogged and reduce their lifespan. Unsweetened e-juice keeps wicks cleaner and lasts longer, resulting in fewer dry hits and better wicking performance.

4) Less Residue: Sweetened e-liquids can leave residue on vaping equipment. Unsweetened e-juice makes cleaning and maintenance easier.


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Wrapping Up 

The safety of vaping sucralose e-juice is a topic of ongoing debate and research. While sucralose is considered safe for consumption when ingested, vaping introduces new concerns. This involves subtle changes in the flavor of e-liquid, experiencing a burnt sensation, reduced lifespan of the coil, and more. To make an informed choice, vapers must consider the available research, exercise caution, and be aware of potential risks when opting for e-liquids containing sucralose. Moreover, you can even look for alternatives such as ethyl maltol, erythritol, stevia, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is there sugar in vape juice? 

No, traditional vape juice does not contain sugar. Instead, it uses alternative sweeteners to achieve sweetness.

2) How to make e-liquid sweetener at home? 

To make e-liquid sweeteners, you can add substances like ethyl maltol, stevia, or other natural sweeteners.



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