Can You Bring A Vape On A Cruise Ship?

Can You Bring A Vape On A Cruise Ship?

Public smoking regulations are generally recognized, but vaping regulations can be slightly more perplexing, particularly on cruise ships. This makes travellers wonder can you bring a vape on a cruise ship. Moreover, the restrictions regarding smoking cigarettes on a cruise ship are typically very apparent; most passengers anticipate that smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas of the ship. However, the vaping rules could be more precise. After all, vaping doesn’t affect other passengers in the same way that smoking does. 

Generally, e-cigarettes are allowed to be used on a cruise. However, there are specific cruise line that lays down a vaping policy to maintain the security and safety of their property. 

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Can You Bring A Vape Pen On A Cruise Ship? 

Yes, you can use a vape on a cruise. Moreover, you can bring a vape pen, cartridges, and e-juice, but there are restrictions on where you can vape. 

The vaping regulations on cruise ships are the same as the cigarette regulations. Depending on the cruise line, there are designated outdoor smoking areas where passengers can use their electronic cigarettes. 

Despite the fact that marijuana has been legal in several nations and US states, it is entirely forbidden on cruise lines and ships, which usually adhere to US federal law. If caught using weed vapes, you may risk receiving a hefty fine or being kicked off the ship, which would spoil your entire trip. 

Where Can You Vape On A Cruise Ship? 

Using an e-cigarette is prohibited in all staterooms, including those with balconies on cruise ships. Most cruise lines only allow you to use vaping devices in outdoor areas or specific locations around the ship. It is because they see vaping as being similar to smoking cigarettes. Furthermore, the designated locations may vary depending on cruise lines policies. On some cruise lines, smoking is only permitted in designated outside areas; on others, there are cigar lounges and other locations on board. 

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What Are The Vaping Policies Of Major Cruise Lines In The World? 

Let’s look at the vaping regulations on the biggest cruise lines in the world- 

Vape Policy Of Carnival Cruise Line

E-cigarettes and vaping are categorized similarly to traditional tobacco cigarettes by Carnival Cruise Line. They are restricted to usage in the ship’s authorized public spaces. Carnival has a strict no-smoking policy, and anyone seen smoking or using e- cigarettes in their stateroom will have a $500 fee added to their onboard bill. Therefore, browse a list of public smoking sites on Carnival ships before you set sail, especially if you smoke weed vapes. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Vape Policy 

Vape pens and electronic cigarettes are only permitted in dedicated smoking areas or private sun decks on Royal Caribbean ships. They are not allowed in public spaces, indoors, or in staterooms. Smokers in staterooms will be assessed a $250 cleaning fee in addition to any further repercussions.

The smoking areas on board are described in the Royal Caribbean smoking policy. 

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Vape Policy On Norwegian Cruise Line 

Vaping is permitted in designated outdoor smoking areas aboard Norwegian Cruise ships. The cigar lounge and the casino permit indoor vaping, and guests staying in Garden Villas can do the same in their private gardens and sundecks.

How To Pack Your Vape For A Cruise? 

Vape pens are prohibited by international law from being packed in checked luggage. Thus, your vape pen must be packed in your carry-on when you join a cruise, just like when you fly. This is why keep it thoroughly packed after knowing what happens if you put a vape in checked luggage. To avoid mistakenly turning on the heating element, you should also turn it off and remove the battery. 

Furthermore, check the local laws of the destination countries you will visit on a cruise. 

Another thing to note is that one must avoid carrying vape juices in plastic bottles as they might lead to safety concerns for the personnel. Be ready for them to be inspected if you carry refillable cartridges and e-juice onboard, which is also permitted. Port Authority Security may subject your vape pen and e-juice to a THC test. Avoid attempting to sneak marijuana on board because drug-detecting dogs are frequently present during boarding. The danger is not worth it. 

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The Bottom Line

No matter where you travel, vaping on a cruise ship is viewed as similar to smoking regular cigarettes. Thus, you must go to the appropriate regions because you won’t be able to do it in your room. However, abide by the regulations for a smoother vaping experience. 


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