Can Vapes Go Through Metal Detectors?

Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane If You Are Under 21?

Can Vapes Go Through Metal Detectors?

Do metal detectors detect vapes? It is an important question to ask with airports, courthouses, and other places having metal detectors.

This article will provide information on carrying vaping devices through metal detectors. In addition, we will discuss if vape pens could be legally walked through metal detectors. How to minimize the chances of getting caught at the various smoke detectors? So let’s dive into the world of vaping and get the answers to your every question. 

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Can Vaping Devices Be Carried Through The Detectors?

Electronic cigarettes like vape pens could be detected while you walk through a metal detector. Disposable vapes, plastic vape pens, inexpensive disposable vapes, etc., have emerged among every regular vape pen user. The reason is their electronic nicotine delivery systems. The questions regarding its safety while traveling to public places have also increased.

These detectors are typically used to identify the metals in weapons or other objects. They can easily detect vape pens due to the metals inside them. However, a disposable vape or a ceramic vape design may pass through successfully while going through a detector.

What Is A Metal Detector?

Metal detectors are unique pieces of technology with lithium-ion batteries inside them that work by listening to the chorus of a magnetic field. When an item made of metal is within range, the natural acoustic song intensifies, and the detector detects this difference with its antenna coil. That’s how it knows to beep and signal your attention!

They can detect items as small as a tiny ring, ornamental pin, and even the most essential things like metal objects (coins), steel bars, or other electronic devices. Furthermore, a metal detector can be used in many scenarios, including vape detectors, ranging from airport safety inspections to prospecting for treasures deep beneath the earth’s surface!

Metal detector vape pens have also entered the market to detect suspected vape pens, especially at airports or other high-security areas.

Will A Disposable Vape Go Off In A Metal Detector?

This is a question many vaping enthusiasts ask, and the answer to this is a bit complicated. Vaping enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with various vape pens, flavors, strengths, and manufacturers often opt for disposable vapes. 

These vapes are typically made of hard plastic and can be recycled. However, it is not certain that the cartridge will be accepted for recycling if it contains hard plastic or zirconia ceramic, as other materials beneath the surface could prevent it from being recycled.

A wide range of disposable vapes is available in the market today, and most of them have some amount of metal. Although they may appear entirely plastic, small portions of titanium, nickel, chromium, lead, or manganese are often present in disposable vapes. However, these metal components are frequently small and have thick plastic casings surrounding them, making them sometimes difficult to detect with metal detectors.


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Additional Guidelines While Carrying Vape Pens

When attempting to pass through security with your vaping equipment, minimize the chances of setting off an alarm. With these simple steps, no eyes would be directed at you:

  • First, if possible, try removing any large pieces, such as batteries or coils with wires, before entering security.
  • If you have an expensive device with a carbon fiber frame or stainless steel parts, ensure it is spotless with no residue left that could set off the metal detector’s sensors.
  • Additionally, look out for any loose pieces or screws that could alert staff at the checkpoint – this includes items like lithium-ion batteries, lanyards, and straps containing metal parts that can easily be forgotten about when passing through security, as not all vape pens are similar.
  • Finally, ensure your device filled with THC vape juice is adequately stored in your carry-on luggage rather than leaving it out in plain sight. That can help reduce anxiety for passengers who may become alarmed if they see you carrying what appears to be e-cigarettes at security checkpoints. That is because many countries have restrictions on their use in public areas.


These steps should help reduce the chances of setting off alarms at security checkpoints and ensure your vape device is safe during travel!

Are Any Risks Associated With Using A Vape In Public Places?

With the rise of vaping in public places, you must consider one potential risk. That is the presence of metal detectors. Vapes are made up of multiple small components like nicotine liquid and motors. But they also include battery packs containing metals.

Hence, going through a metal detector with a vape could lead to security personnel alarming metals. It would also cause you to explain why you are carrying them.

Additionally, an airport or governmental facility may have a rule restricting vaping. Getting flagged could lead to an uncomfortable conversation.

Thus, when stuck in public places with metal detectors, ensure you’re aware of the related risks ahead of time. Additionally, take high caution when transporting it anywhere from point A to point B.

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In Conclusion

Many people also try ghost vape tricks to indulge in discreet smoking. Carrying vapes through metal detectors can be a tricky situation. Although possible, there are a few things to consider before doing so. Specific models may contain metal components that trigger the machine’s sensors. Furthermore, depending on the detector sensitivity and the model of the vaping products, its contents may also set off alarms.


Will a disposable vape go off in a metal detector?

No, disposable vapes do not go off in a metal detector in general. As these vapes are made with high-quality materials, the metal detectors can not harm them. 

Do batteries set off metal detectors?

Yes, It is a metal object with conductors. However, the beeping depends on the battery size and sensitivity setting of the detector. 

How Do You Sneak Vape Liquid Through An Airport Metal Detector?

If you want to bring e-liquid through airport security, it must be in a transparent, sealable plastic bag, and each container cannot exceed 100 milliliters.


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