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Why Is My Vape Leaking? How Do I Fix It?

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Every vaper will experience a leaking vape tank at some point. Carrying a leaky vape tank with you all day can be annoying and frustrating. Usually, you should do a quick clean-up before continuing with your day.

E-liquids can leak through the gaps in a loose vape tank. Tighten the top and bottom of the tank to ensure that the fixture is closed properly and that no e-liquid is leaking. This will prevent e-liquid from leaking through the tank’s joins. Also, ensure that your coil is inserted correctly.

While the occasional e-liquid leak is entirely normal, the following tips may help fix a leaking vape tank if your tank is consistently leaking.

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Reasons For Vape Tank Leakage

Broken Seals And Poor Fitting Seals

The seal of your vape tank will eventually wear out or break due to constant re-filling and tightening of the lid. Another reason could be over-tightening that may cause your tank to leak.

Many vape kits and tanks include spare seals for this reason. You can use these spare seals so that your tank stops leaking.

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Incorrect Or Faulty Coils

Coils are inbuilt for various vaping devices and have different wattage and coil resistance levels. Choosing the incorrect coil for your different vaping styles can result in less e-liquid passing.

If you have not chosen the perfect coil size any excess e-liquid may leak or can be sucked out of the drip tip into your mouth when you inhale.

Keeping Your Device In A Horizontal Position

If you leave your vape pod on its side for an extended period, it may leak through the air holes and into other chambers of the device, such as the chimney. If your e-juice enters the chimney, use a paper towel to clean it off.

It is essential to keep your vape tanks upright at all times. Because of their airflow holes, keeping your vape device horizontal and tank upright is always a good idea.

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Over-Filling Of The E-Liquid

One obvious case of leaking tanks is overfilling. Excess e-liquid in your tank or pod can cause it to leak. Too much e-liquid can flood the coil or cause e-liquid to leak past seals when replacing the cap.

Many tanks have to fill levels recommended to avoid leakage and other problems caused by overfilling. To prevent leaks or overfill, the vape device has a fill level. If you overfill the tank with liquid, it will leak via the air chamber at the lid.

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Improper Inhaling Technique

Remember that smoking cigarettes is not the same as vaping devices. Sharp draws on a traditional cigarette can get good fumes, but never try this on an e-cig. Remember that the coils must heat your vape juice before producing vapors. You may suck in vape juice if you inhale too quickly.


Using The Wrong E-liquid

Using the proper e-liquid for your vaping style and device is critical, as with coils. Different VG and PG levels in e-liquids cause the liquid to be thicker or thinner. Higher VG level, such as 70VG/30PG, indicates a more viscous liquid better suited to high-powered devices and low Ohm (sub-Ohm) coils.

Using thicker liquids in a low-powered device, such as a small vape pen or starter kit, may help you vape efficiently. It may result in excessive e-liquid presence and, thus, leakage.


Improper Wicking Of Vape Tanks

If the coil does not have enough wicking material, your device cannot hold e-liquid to be vaporized. As a result, vape liquid will escape through the air hole. This is most common in DIY vape devices or rebuildable vape tanks.

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Damaged O-rings

O-rings are tiny rubber rings commonly found at the bottom and tops of vape tanks. These rings aim to seal a path or join two pieces so that no air, gas, or liquid can pass through. O-rings in vape pens can become ripped over time. When this happens, the air seal is broken, and you may have a leaky vape tank.

The simple solution to this problem is replacing the damaged o-rings with new ones.

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How To Fix A Leaky Vape Tank?

Tighten Your Vape Tank

If you have a vape tank leaking from your joints, ensure everything is connected correctly. Are the tank’s top and bottom rigidly fixed? If there are gaps in your tank because the parts aren’t screwed together correctly, e-liquid will leak from these.

Vape juice may escape your tank if the threads are not correctly seated. You don’t want to tighten over your tank’s parts, such as the base where the coil sits. You may be unable to separate them again, resulting in cross-threading.

Check that the push-fit coils are fully inserted. And ensure that it is fitted properly. If the coil is not correctly installed, there is no seal, and excess liquid will leak from your vape tank. Also, ensure your atomizer head is fitted perfectly.

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Fill Your Vape Tank Properly 

One of the most common causes of vape tank leak is improper filling. You must accurately fill your tank. First and foremost, you must avoid overfilling your tank. An air bubble should always be at the top of the tank to help create a vacuum and prevent e-liquid from leaking out of the airflow holes.

If you have a tank that fills from the top, you must unscrew the top of your tank to ensure that no e-liquid is leaking.

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Check Your Coil And Vape Juice Compatibility

Your vape tank contains a coil, and you will likely have several resistance options. The various resistance coils perform differently and are also suited to multiple types of vape juice.

A higher resistance coil produces less vapor. Thus, it helps to provide more of a hit, and a vaping experience similar to smoking. A high-resistance coil’s draw is more restricted, requiring a stronger attraction than other coils.

Higher resistance coils are better suited to an e-liquid with a higher PG concentration because it is thinner. If you use a high VG e-liquid instead, the much thicker juice may struggle to wick into your coil, forcing you to draw harder than necessary, which may move e-liquid out of the tank.

A sub-ohm coil produces more vapor, has less throat hit, and has much more open airflow. Because the draw on a sub-ohm coil is airy, there is little resistance when drawing.

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Check Your Vape Mod Power Settings

If your vape device allows you to change the settings, ensure the power is set to the optimal range for your installed coil.

The optimal power range should be printed on the atomizer head. You should select a setting between the top and bottom wattage suggestions. So it is recommended to use between 5W and 15W.

If you set the power for your coil too low, it will not receive enough power to produce vapor. This requires you to draw too hard on your vape, which can force e-liquid from the bottom of your vape tank.

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Is RTA or RDA leaking?

If one rebuildable tank is consistently leaking, the first place you should look is at the wicking.

This is almost always the case. If you don’t have enough wicking material, there won’t be enough cotton to keep the e-liquid contained in the RTA or dripper, so that it will leak through the airflow holes. Re-wick the tank with a bit more cotton. But not too much, or it will create new problems.

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How Old Is Vape Coil?

If you last changed your vape coil a while ago, it might not work correctly. You must replace Vape coils at some point. You may notice symptoms indicating your tank leaks before it stops working.

Due to this, your e- liquid will not vaporize and it may become difficult to draw on, this might emit a burnt taste. If your vape suddenly starts leaking and the you had changed the atomizer head a while ago, this should be your first check.

Is Your Vape Tank Damaged?

This may seem evident. Check for any minor cracks in the glass or plastic that could allow e-liquid to escape.

Furthermore, when you remove the bottom or top of your vape tank, you may notice small rubber seals. These are known as o-rings. Thus your tank will not form a proper seal when assembled, which can result in e-liquid leaks. It is important to check if any spares are included with your vape kit or tank.


How To Clean Your Vape Device?

1. First and foremost, you must remove the e-liquid residue before it permanently stains your clothes. Don’t be concerned if your e-cigarette has left a sticky mess on your clothing or furniture. E-liquids are made from Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG), which are relatively easy to remove and clean. Depending on the size and spot of the spilled e-liquid, it can usually be cleaned with soap and water.

2. Wipe the spill with a damp cloth to remove as much excess as possible. Take care not to rub the delicate area of the vape with the fabric or other absorbent materials!

3. Using a moist fabric and soapy water, clean the rest of the area. Remove all residue as soon as possible before the area dries.

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Final Thoughts

Your vape device may leak because of damaged vape tanks, faulty components (seals, o-rings, coils, and wicks), and improper handling and vaping techniques. It is best to investigate whether any of these primary factors are responsible.

Your device may also leak when using the incorrect vape juice and settings. Additionally, to enhance the battery life people also ask, How To Charge A Vape? All one needs to do is insert the device into its USB source.

You should not use higher VG e-liquid in simple vape pens and coils, and high PG fluids in sub-ohm coils. As a result, you’ll have to draw much harder, and you might end up drawing pure e-juice. Meanwhile, sub-ohm coils and devices have large inlet holes and well-equipped coils to produce large amounts of vapor.

Atomizers should always have an optimal power setting. It is best to use a wattage within this range. Set the power neither too low nor too high. Determining which factor is causing your leakage may be challenging, but addressing these issues will help to improve your vaping experience.

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