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Why Is My Vape Leaking? How Can I Fix It?

why is my vape leaking

If your e-liquid is seeping out of your vape tanks, it’s called leaking. It can happen through the airflow holes, and the leakage can range from just a few drops to the entire contents of your tank spilling out onto your vaping device.

This issue is common, even with popular sub-ohm tanks, but there are ways to fix it. By understanding the causes of a leaking vape tank and how to solve the problem, you can continue your vaping experience without any hassle. Keep reading to learn more.

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Reasons Behind Vape Tank Leaking

Broken Seal

Broken seals can often cause a leaky vape tank. Both top-fill and bottom-fill vape tanks have a seal between the tank and cap, which can wear out or break over time if you frequently refill and tighten the cap.

To address this issue, most vape tanks and vape kits have spare seals that can be easily replaced if your e-juice leaks due to a damaged seal.

Overfilling Of Vape Juice

One common mistake vapers make is overfilling their tank or pod, which can lead to vape leaks. This is often caused by VG and PG liquid flavors clogging the juice holes. Additionally, inserting excess liquid without a drip tip can scratch the tank and create air holes that cause leaks.

To prevent this, it’s essential to remove the small rubber seals from flavored bottles before pouring them into the tank and avoid filling the device to the brim. Many vapers prefer to fill their tank halfway to enjoy their favorite flavors and perform incredible tricks like creating O-rings.

Damaged Or Dirty Vape Tank

It’s easy to overlook the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance for your vaping device. However, these tasks are crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance. Over time, vape juice can build up and leave a residue, which can cause issues like vape leaking.

That’s why cleaning your device’s tank or pod is essential to keep it functioning. For best results, it’s recommended that you disassemble your tank after extended use and give it a thorough rinse.

Also, when replacing your coils, it’s a good idea to soak your tank in alcohol to remove any residual e-liquid buildup and ensure deeper cleaning.

Faulty Or Wrong Vape Coil

When it comes to vaping, using the correct coils is essential. If you pour too much e-liquid into an e-cig tank or use disposable vapes with sub-ohm coils, it could cause a vape tank leak.

If you use an atomizer head with a low-resistance vape coil inside, like stainless steel or kanthal, you’ll need to add more liquid to the coil head to create bigger vapor clouds. However, be careful not to pour too much juice into the tank, which can cause leaks in your vape device.

Advanced devices typically have extra cotton-wicking material like a small paper towel to absorb more liquid, allowing more efficient vaping.

If you’re using mech mods with higher resistance coils, you won’t need to fill your tank with too much e-juice to enjoy longer vaping sessions.

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Not Holding Your Vape Tank Upright

It is important to consider how you handle and store your vape device. Holding it horizontally may cause the vape to leak, so it is best to hold it in an upright position. Some vapes may not have strong top seals or air holes at the top of the tank, making horizontal use not recommended.

Even when not in use, it is best to keep your tank upright in a cool, shaded area to prevent overheating and leakages.

To prevent e-liquid from leaking in the future, try testing the device at different angles and see if holding it more vertically reduces the likelihood of leakage.

Incorrect Vaping Techniques

Incorrect vaping techniques are one of the significant reasons for e-liquid leakage and accidental damage to your vape.

When using cannabis products containing intoxicating substances like delta 10 THC and THC-O, smaller puffs are recommended. Holding in the vapor for too long with the DTL(Direct-to-lung) technique can cause liquid to leak out of the tank and produce a high feeling.

The DTL technique can also be useful for creating O rings with your vape, but be sure to use the proper technique to avoid leaks. Keeping your hands away from the vape tank during O ring creation can prevent accidental damage and worries about leaks.

Inappropriate Settings For Vape Pens

When using a vape pen that is not disposable, you can adjust various settings to enhance your vaping experience. Customizing settings for different e-juices can result in more flavor and smoother inhalations.

However, experimenting with settings can also cause vape leaks. It’s important to be cautious when trying out new settings, as improper values for temperature and voltage can burn the coil or cause excess e-liquid to leak from your new vape tank.

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How Do I Stop My Vape Device From Leaking?

Use The Right E-Liquid

If you’re using coil heads that require high power, it’s recommended that you use e-juice with a minimum of 70% VG. This is because VG e-liquids are thicker in consistency and less likely to leak through the joints in your vape tanks than PG. A 70% VG and 30% PG ratio are ideal for cloud-chucking and MTL devices. Check the PG/VG ratio on your e-juice label and avoid using inferior or wrong vape juice, which can harm your vaping experience.

Check The Airflow System

Proper air availability in the tank makes a vacuum which holds the liquid in the chamber efficiently. When vaping, opening the airflow allows for easier inhalation without the need for excessive force, which can prevent overloading the coil and causing leakage.

Check For Cracks

It is important to inspect your tank for any cracks or damage. Even a small crack in the glass or a bent metal piece can lead to the tank losing its airtight seal, which can result in e-juice leaking out and into the air hole valve. In the case of cracked glass, it is often an easy and affordable fix to replace it with a new one.

Remove The Vape Liquid From The Chimney

Each tank contains a central airflow tube that extends from the tank’s body up to the drip tip, commonly referred to as the chimney. Occasionally, e-juice may inadvertently enter this tube, resulting in gurgling and leakage. In the event this happens, it is advisable to use a paper towel to wipe the tube clean before vaping.

Look Out For Damaged O Rings

Leaking tanks are often caused by damaged O-rings. To fix this, carefully disassemble your tank and inspect the O-rings for any signs of wear, tear, breakage, or missing pieces, as these issues can negatively affect the air seal of your tank.

Adjust Your Power Settings

Leaking can occur due to flooding, caused by too much e-liquid being drawn into the coil without being vaporized. This leads to excess liquid leaking from the coil housing. To fix this issue, switch to a higher power or voltage setting on your device.

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Wrapping Up

Occasionally, troubleshooting is required to ensure a seamless experience. Leaking, spit back, and hot pops can be caused by several factors, but they can be easily prevented.

Begin by attempting straightforward solutions, and if they do not resolve the issue, progress to more extreme measures. If all else fails, purchasing a new tank or device altogether may be necessary.


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