Why Is My Vape Blinking, And What Does It Mean? 

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Are you wondering why your vape is blinking three times and experiencing the frustration that comes with it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In this article, we’ll investigate the possible reasons behind your vape pen flashing this way and provide troubleshooting solutions. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced vaper, understanding the causes of this issue and how to address it will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable vaping journey. So, keep reading to uncover your needed answers and bid farewell to those pesky blinking lights!

Why Is My Vape Flashing And Not Working? 

There can be several reasons for your vape pen flashing and not working. There can be several reasons for this. Let us have a look at all the possible reasons:

1) The battery is low 

If your vape is not fully charged, it might start blinking. This happens in both rechargeable and disposable vapes. Mostly, when there is a battery issue, your vape will flash red. You have to recharge your vape to continue using it.

2) A problem with the connection

If the battery is not correctly connected to the vape device, you can also see your vape pen blinking 3 times. In such a situation, you must check if the cartridge and other parts are properly connected.

3) An overheated battery 

An overheating battery might also cause your vape to blink. This overheating can happen due to several factors, such as over-usage, overcharging, and exposure to high temperatures. If this happens, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. This is because avoiding the issue might land you in trouble, such as an explosion of the vape, or it may even catch fire. 

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4) The battery might be dirty

It might happen sometimes that your vape has gathered dirt and dust. This can interfere with the connection, preventing the vape from functioning accurately, and causing it to blink. 

5) Low e-liquid levels in the vape 

Insufficient or low levels of e-liquid in the vape may also lead to dry hitting of the vape and trigger the blinking.

6) Overusing your vape 

If you overuse your vape or take longer puffs from it continuously, it may cause it to blink. So you should avoid overusing it or give proper breaks in between.

7) The vape coil has burnt

If you have been using your vape for a long time, it may have burnt your coil or worn out. This can also cause your device to blink, indicating something is wrong. 

Vape Pen Blinking 3 Times: How To Troubleshoot? 

While you know why your vape pen is blinking, you might as well want to know how to fix the blinking. Let us look at some effective troubleshooting techniques to help you resolve the problem of your vape pen blinking

1) Clean your vape regularly

Turn off the vape and disassemble all its parts. Use a cotton or soft cloth dipped in alcohol or warm water to gently clean all the parts correctly. Let it dry completely, and then reassemble to start using it. It will be resolved if your device blinks because of dirt and dust.

2) Charge the battery 

Like your phone needs to be recharged regularly, so does your vape. If the battery level drops below a threshold, it may cause the vape to blink. So you should make it a habit to charge it regularly. 

vape blinking 10 times

3) Take shorter puffs and give pauses

To ensure the longevity of your vaping device’s longevity, taking shorter puffs and incorporating proper pauses during your vaping routine is vital. Continuous, prolonged use without breaks can cause your vape to blink or malfunction, which may damage it in the long run. 

The blinking often indicates overheating or excessive draw on the device. Taking shorter puffs and allowing brief intervals between each inhalation lets your vape cool down, prevents it from overworking, and potentially extends its lifespan.

4) Refill your vape 

When your vape flashes three times, it’s a signal to check your device and refill the e-liquid. Neglecting to do so can disrupt your vaping experience and potentially damage the coil or wick over time. Keeping your vape well-maintained is crucial by ensuring it always has an adequate amount of e-liquid for a consistently enjoyable and hassle-free vaping experience. Pay attention to these signals and keep your e-liquid levels in check to optimize your vaping experience.

5) Replace the coil 

If your vaping device blinks, it could be due to a problematic coil. In such a case, replacing it with a new and high-quality one is advisable. The coil is a vital component of your vaping device that heats the e-liquid and produces vapor. 

Over time, coils can become gunked up with residue or burn out, resulting in a suboptimal vaping experience. By replacing the old, worn coil with a new and high-quality one, you can avoid problems such as inconsistent vapor production, unpleasant burnt tastes, and blinking warnings.

6) Reassemble all the parts correctly

Ensure that all the parts of your vape are assembled correctly. Sometimes, your vape can also blink if the parts are not assembled accurately. 

7) Refer to the manufacturer’s instruction manual

You can also refer to the instruction manual you must have received when purchasing the vape. Look for any tips or troubleshooting solutions mentioned in it. 

Wrapping Up 

It’s important to note that the blinking patterns and reasons for them may differ depending on the brand and model of your vape. Therefore, referring to your user manual for detailed information on the specific blinking codes and their meanings is essential. By troubleshooting your vape systematically, you can identify the issue and get back to enjoying a smooth vaping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Why is my vape pen flashing white 3 times? 

Your vape pen flashing white may indicate a low battery. 

2) Why is my vape pen blinking blue 3 times? 

The vape pen blinking blue may indicate issues with the atomizer and battery connection. 



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