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What Is In A Vape Pen?

what is in a vape pen

A vape pen is a small device that contains a chamber for e-liquids, a battery for powering the device, and a mouthpiece for inhaling. However, understanding how vape pens work can be difficult without using one. Several vape pens come in starter kits with components that must be assembled before usage. This article will discuss the different components inside a vape pen.

5 Components Of Vape Pens

Vape Battery

The most significant part of a disposable vape pen is a battery attached that supplies the power that the atomizer needs to heat up. Most vape pens include lithium-ion batteries that can be charged through a USB or any other power cable. Some e-cigarettes include power options that can help you select how much power the vaporizers get. These settings also impact the potency of the vapor you inhale and your vaping experience.

Power Button and Sensor

Some e-cigarettes require you to push and hold the power button while you inhale, activating the sensor that alerts the heating chamber to produce vapor. While others are started by drawing on the mouthpiece.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the user should press the power button five times on the dry herb vape to turn it off to prevent accidental activation. Moreover, some pens allow you to choose the vape temperature through the power button.

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The atomizer is a component located inside a vape tank or cartridge. It generates the heat needed to turn the cannabis oil into inhaled vapor. It can be made from ceramic, quartz, or cotton wick.

The cotton wick atomizer is covered in a metal coil. Cannabis oil is absorbed into the cotton and heated by the wire coil. While these atomizers are typically more affordable than other types, they might leave a burnt taste when you inhale the vapors.

Wire-wrapped ceramic atomizers have risen in popularity because they have good heat retention but use higher voltages. Unlike ceramic ones, quartz atomizers heat up quickly but don’t retain their heat.

Vape Cartridges

The cannabis oil is positioned into the vape cartridge or tank of the e-cigarette. Oil cartridges are generally pre-filled with cannabis oil to help eradicate the need for messy refills, while tanks are usually refillable and require you to buy cannabis oil separately. If you use tanks, take note of the filling line on the tank and do not overfill it.


The mouthpiece is the major component of the vape pen through which the user inhales the vapors. These pieces are typically made from glass, plastic, or silicone and are often replaceable. These mouthpieces are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. You should choose the weed vape pen that you find the most comfortable and best suits your personality.

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What Are Vape Pens Filled With?

Understanding the components that fill the vape pens is crucial for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. By delving into the chemical composition of e-liquid vape pens, you can better understand how to elevate your vaping experience. This section will talk about the key component of an e-cigarette: vape juice. It helps to deliver flavor as well as nicotine to users.

Vape Juice

E-liquid is a liquid that is converted into an aerosol by an e-cigarette. It is typically a mixture of water, food-grade flavoring, nicotine levels, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

1. Vegetable glycerin

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is a base ingredient of all vape juices. It is often extracted naturally and is used in food-grade products. The liquid resembles a syrup-like texture, almost like honey or corn syrup. Since it is a kind of glycerin, it has a slightly sweet flavor that works excellently in vapes.

2. Propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a common solvent in multiple beauty, food, and pharmaceutical products. The liquid is transparent and has a texture similar to water or alcohol. Although not as intense as VG, it has a slightly sweet note. Propylene glycol is also colorless- albeit a thinner liquid.

3. Nicotine

Nicotine is a compound naturally derived from tobacco plants- and present in cigarettes. The substance is infamous for its addictive nature. However, many people believe nicotine in vapes might help replace smoking tobacco in the form of a cigarette. It is why more users have switched to vaping equipment from traditional cigarettes for their wellness.

4. Flavorings

Flavorings are usually made with a PG base and imitate a known flavor of food or beverage. The flavorings significantly enhance your vaping experience and make it more enjoyable.

These flavorings can be natural or chemically produced, depending on the manufacturer. While natural flavors are safe, some artificial flavorings may have adverse effects. Hence, one must distinguish the flavorings and their safety profile before buying.

Final Words

Understanding the components of a vape pen is essential for users to make informed decisions about their vaping experience. By familiarizing yourself with the various parts and their functions, users can ensure the safe and efficient use of these devices. Whether it is battery, atomizer, or e-liquid, each of them plays a significant role in providing an enjoyable experience.


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