What Happens If You Drop Your Vape In Water?

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Did you drop your favorite vape device in the water? Whether it was an accidental spill or a plunge into a pool, the question remains: What now? Thus, let’s talk about what happens when your vaping or electronic devices drop unexpectedly into the water.

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What Happens When Your Vape Hits Water?

So what happens if you drop your vape in water? The answer would be that the accident may damage your device in many ways due to its water-resistant inability. In addition to this, the nature of water also matters.

However, if you use a disposable vape, fewer risks are involved. It is so because most disposable vapes have few components inside, and they are built as low maintenance in the first place.

Following are some of the probable consequences if regular or disposable vape falls in the water-

Short Circuit

A sudden fall into the water may cause an internal short circuit in the lithium-ion battery or other electronic components in vape pens.

Furthermore, it may also lead to a continuous on and off of the battery. If you do not see the vape pen blinking 3 times then the possibility is that its heating chamber has been destroyed.

Severe Damage Of Lithium Ion Batteries

Exposure of vape in water may also lead to a complete loss of its battery. In such a situation, stop using the device as it may catch fire due to the presence of nicotine fix and batteries inside.

Vandalization Of The Coil

The coil is one of the essential features of a vape. It functions to produce the vapor form of an e-liquid. Therefore, if a vape pen is exposed to water, it may harm the coil. This would lead to a burnt-like taste while vaping.

Tank Damage

Tank in vape pens stores the tobacco products or e-liquid runs. However, if damaged, the user may experience leakage or seal brokerage. Another consequence of such a situation would be the destruction of the tank.

How Can You Save Your Vape?

If your vape has been submerged in water, you can take a few steps to try and save it. The first step is to remove all of the components from the vaping device (batteries, coils, tanks) and give them a thorough rinse with fresh water.

Once that is done, dry everything off—you may even want to use a blow dryer or compressed air—as residual moisture could still cause problems.

Finally, let all parts of your vaping device air dry for at least 24 hours before reassembling it for use again.

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More Information About A Vape Pen

Vape pens are the latest technology trend that has revolutionized how we view smoking. Originally designed as an alternative to cigarettes, vape devices have become discreet and stylish electronic devices desired by vapers of all ages.

They are easy to use; fill the refillable pod with your chosen e-liquid, like propylene glycol. Afterward, press the button and inhale to enjoy your favorite flavor!

These devices produce excellent vapor production and intense flavor that electronic components can easily control.

Additionally, many devices are available, including box mods, rechargeable vape, disposable vapes, etc. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vaper, there’s something for everyone.

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The Bottom Line

Dropping a vaping device into the water can be a harrowing experience, but knowing how to respond correctly can go a long way toward salvaging your beloved device.

With some quick thinking and careful cleaning, you can restore your vape to its former glory without replacing it entirely and worrying about how much a vape costs!

And if not, professional repair shops or warranty programs are always available as a last resort. Regardless of which route you choose, remember that prevention is critical — keep an eye out for potential hazards so that you do not have to deal with this situation again!


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