What Do The Colors Mean On A Battery Charger?

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Vaping cannabis concentrates have dramatically increased in popularity over the last decade. Vape pens, also called batteries, offer consumers an added level of discretion and simplicity—making it easier to indulge on the go.

Unsurprisingly, these devices have become highly attractive to novice smokers looking to explore the world of cannabis extracts. The only learning curve is understanding what the light colors on your vape pen mean.

Although using a vape pen may seem evident to seasoned smokers: simply press a button to take a toke. New users may not understand the nuances of their device—including what each light color may mean.

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Vape Pen Battery Light Colors

Red Light

Red is typically used to indicate that the vape pen’s battery is charging. The red light may be illuminated when the USB charger is connected and actively supplying power to the battery. If the vape pen blinking blue happens when you are vaping, it could be a sign you have medium battery power (at least 30%).

Green Light

Green lights often signify that the battery is fully charged or has reached a high charge level. The light indicator light turns green that the charging process is complete and the battery is ready for use.

Yellow Light

Some chargers use yellow or amber to indicate that the vape battery is in a transitional state. It could mean that the battery is charging but has not yet reached full capacity or is in maintenance or trickle charging mode.

Flashing/Flashing Red

A flashing red light may indicate an issue with the external battery charger. It could imply a faulty connection, an incompatible battery, or an error condition that needs attention.


If the charger has no light or the light is not illuminated, it could mean that the external charger is not receiving power or is not functioning correctly.

Know How To Charge a Vape Properly

It is essential to charge your vape pen correctly to prevent battery issues. If your vape pen’s manufacturer does not provide a wall or charger specifically designed for your device, charging it using a USB port connected to your phone or laptop is recommended.

USB adapters for cars and wall outlets often use higher-than-normal charging currents to top up a battery’s charge as quickly as possible. Mobile phones and tablets can handle high-speed charging, but vaping device generally can’t.

If you connect your vape pen to a charger that’s not within the proper specifications, the device may overheat – thus shortening the battery’s life – or it may not charge at all.

If you have a vape pen with a removable battery, you can also take it out and charge it in a high-quality external charger that supports your battery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Colors On A Battery Charger Signify?

The colors on a battery charger convey different information about the charging status or condition of the battery.

Can The Color Meanings On Battery Chargers Vary?

The specific color meanings of battery chargers can vary depending on the manufacturer and charger model. It’s always best to consult the manual provided by the charger manufacturer for accurate information.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging?

If your vape pen is not charging, it becomes unusable. But don’t fret, as there is good news. Most of the time, a vape pen that appears malfunctioning can be fixed without any issues with the device or battery. However, there are instances when a vape pen that won’t charge needs to be replaced.

Is Referring To The Manual For Color Interpretations On Battery Chargers Necessary?

It is recommended to refer to the manual or documentation provided by the charger manufacturer to understand the specific color interpretations for your particular charger model. This ensures accurate understanding and avoids confusion.


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