What Are The Different Vape Battery Types?

What Are The Different Vape Battery Types?

When you vape, the battery does a lot of the heavy lifting. This is why we need to know what are the different vape battery types. To put the power of vape pen batteries into context, consider a pair of 18650 batteries with a capacity of 7,000 mAh. That is roughly the battery capacity of a laptop computer.

On the other hand, a computer may run all day without tiring, whereas a vaping device’s battery life typically lasts a couple hundred puffs. That’s a lot of usage, and not all vape batteries are designed to take this much voltage.

Given the amount of strain a vape pen places on a battery, it’s evident that selecting the finest battery for your needs is critical. It would help if you kept vape battery safety in mind—moreover, one that can produce power consistently and last as long as possible.

Equally important, you must select a battery appropriate for your needs. For example, it should function properly with the vape cartridge or tank you intend to use.

Do All Vapes Have The Same Battery?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for vape batteries because they are all different. Variable voltage vape pens and your preferences will determine the battery you require.

There are variable voltage battery available in the market. For example, if you’re using a vape mod, you’ll need a battery with a larger voltage output to get the most power out of it. Conversely, if you’re using a smaller gadget, you can get away with a lower voltage range battery. Following are some of the mainly used batteries in a vaping device.

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Manual Batteries

As the name suggests, manual vape batteries run at a user’s commands. They typically have higher power, produce more vapor, and produce a better ‘throat hit.’

Moreover, they provide greater control and, in most cases, a more extended cut-off period. Because of their size, they often have a longer life than automated batteries. Clicking the button five times usually turns it on or off.

Automatic Batteries

Vape batteries that work automatically are simple to use. They usually resemble a standard cigarette. Vape beginners typically prefer this one as they come with instructions beforehand. They can use automated vape batteries safely in vaping devices.

Built-In Battery

Most vaping devices feature built-in batteries, also known as internal batteries. Most pod systems, vape pens, and many vape mods have built-in batteries. Additionally, they are typically less expensive than an external battery.

Removable Battery

Many vape mods are built to use replaceable batteries. The detachable lithium-ion batteries used in e-cig are cylindrical and categorized based on size. The most prevalent form of lithium-ion battery is the 18650, followed by the larger 21700 and 20700 sizes.

Since lithium batteries pack a significant amount of power in a little package, it’s critical to understand how to handle, charge, and travel with such batteries securely. Therefore, do not keep vape batteries in your pocket or purse. Use a battery safely that protects the cells and keeps them from coming into contact with other metal objects.

Connect your vape mod to your computer with a USB cable to charge the batteries. Otherwise, remove the vape battery and place them in a high-quality external charger.

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Pod System Battery

Earlier pod vapes, or more basic pod vapes, are made out of battery housing (usually a 500 mAh rating) and a sealed pod cartridge that fits into the housing. This constitutes the pod vape kit.

Furthermore, the battery is modest, ranging from 500mAh to 1000mAh, and would only last a few hours before needing to be charged. A pod system is most suitable for cannabis vape batteries or, more so, disposable vape cartridges. It is because cannabis vaping involves mixing of different substances and then turning them into vapors.

3 Ways To Maximise Vape Battery’s Lifespan

From choosing the correct battery to keeping it safe for the long run, follow the tips below for a desirable vaping experience.


Keep your battery away from direct sunlight and in a dark place, especially if you’re storing it for an extended period. Furthermore, ensure it has at least a 40% charge and the heating element cools down.

This allows for some discharge while retaining enough power to keep the protective battery slot active. Some even advise fully charging batteries before storing them.

Use A Case

Batteries can get bashed around in pockets and take up fluff and dust. Thus, carry your battery in a vape case for the most excellent possible care. Moreover, if you have separate batteries, keep them in a dry cotton bag.

Charge Before Fully Utilized

A partial discharge puts less strain on the battery than a full discharge. If you can charge your battery before it runs out of power (preferably when it is about 20%), you should be able to extend its life.

Vaping at very high wattages (close to the limit on your device) with variable wattage devices will also strain the battery if it’s nearly empty. This is another reason to charge as soon as feasible rather than later.

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Thus, different vape battery types depend on a device’s strength, size, and individual usage. However, the techniques that keep them running for an extended remain the same. In addition, you may have some general questions below related to vape batteries or vape devices.

Lastly, even after choosing a suitable battery, if your vape is lighting fire by itself- you may read, “why is my disposable vape hitting by itself.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does It Matter What Battery I Put In My Vape?

It does because different vapes have unique mods and tank systems. Check the requirements of your mod before ordering, or use a 18650 battery that is already compatible with your device.

Why Do I Need To Buy High-Quality Vape Battery?

It would help to buy a high-quality vape battery to ensure you vape comfortably for a long time. Moreover, the higher the quality, the longer the vape battery life.

How Long Does A 18650 Battery Last?

The everyday cycle life of most current 18650 batteries is 300 – 500 (charge and discharge cycles).


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