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Tips To Easily Open A Stuck Vape Juice

Picture this: you just visited a vape store and purchased your favorite vape juice. You rush home and are eager to try it, only to discover that your vape juice is stuck. You put in all your efforts, but unfortunately, the stubborn seal defies it. 

You will be frustrated, but you are not alone in this. Many vapers face the same challenge. If you are someone whose vape juice isn’t opening, this article is here to help. Here is a comprehensive guide on some tips and tricks you can follow. So read on, and let’s open that stuck vape juice bottle. 

Why Is Your Vape Juice Cap Stuck? 

There are several reasons for a vape juice bottle to get stuck. Some of them are listed below: 

Due to tight child-resistant caps 

Many vape juice bottles come with super tight child-resistant caps. This is because it prevents accidental opening and leakages. Removing child-proof caps can be challenging if you do not apply a suitable mechanism. 

You might be pushing too hard

When opening a bottle or jar, it’s essential to have a gentle touch and not apply too much pressure. Too much pressure can lead to frustration and even failure to open the cap. You may find that the cap comes off easily by taking a more gentle approach. 

It could be a manufacturing defect

Sometimes, you may encounter a frustrating situation where your vape juice bottle gets stuck, and you can’t seem to open it. This can happen if the cap is defective due to manufacturing faults. 

Due to changes in temperature and pressure

Fluctuations in temperature and air pressure can cause a vacuum seal in the bottle, making it difficult to open. This can happen during air travel or when experiencing drastic temperature changes.

Vape juice accumulation on the neck

With consistent usage, vape juice can accumulate on the neck of the bottle. This residue hardens over time, creating a seal that could be difficult to open. The stickiness of vape juice can act like glue and thus get your bottle stuck. 

Tips That Work While Opening A Stuck Vape Juice 

Tips to open a stuck vape juice

Here are some of the tips that work while opening a stuck vape juice:

Soak it in warm water

  • Use a container to boil some water. 
  • Submerge your vape juice bottle, ensuring its cap is above the waterline. 
  • Leave it as it is for a few minutes.
  • Now wipe the bottle with a towel and try to open its lid. 

Use a pair of rubber gloves

  • For an improved grip, wearing a pair of gloves is recommended.
  • Hold the vape juice bottle tightly with one hand and twist the cap in a clockwise direction with the other hand. 
  • This increases friction and may help open the stuck vape juice bottle. 

Use a plier or tweezers

  • Use a rubber band to wrap it around the cap of the vape juice bottle. 
  • Now, pick a plier or tweezers to give more leverage. 
  • Apply a steady pressure to the lid to unscrew it. 

Tap the cap gently

  • Find a table or desktop near you.
  • Now, tap the cap gently on the hard surface.
  • After tapping, try to open the bottle again. 

Take help from a strong person

  • Last but not least, you can just ask someone with more strength to try opening it. 
  • Maybe all you need is a little more strength. 

Wrapping up

If you’re a vaper, a bottle of vape juice that won’t open can be frustrating. However, with these helpful tips, you’ll be able to handle the challenge with ease. You can try soaking the bottle in warm water, using rubber gloves to get a better grip, or using handy tools if necessary. Just remember to prioritize safety and avoid using too much force that could lead to spills or damage. By following these steps, you can effortlessly open your vape juice bottle’s child lock  and get back to enjoying your vaping experience without any unnecessary delays.


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