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What Are Vape Coils?

A vape coil, technically known as an atomizer head, is a component of your vaping device responsible for vapor production. It is a resistive wire wrapped around the wicking material in a spiral shape.

This coil is connected to the vape pen battery and held in position by the coil head, combining the battery’s positive part with the negative part. When the coil heats, it heats the wick (which can be soaked in your favorite vape juice), producing vapor.

A wide selection of coils are available in the market, for instance, mesh coils, ceramic coils, regular wire coils, MTL coils, etc. So different coils can have varying resistance levels, measured in ohms (Ω), usually ranging from 0.15 to 2.0 ohms.

The resistance of a coil determines the amount of current that passes through the wire. For instance, sub-ohm coils are low-resistance coils that require more power (measured in wattage) to heat the wire for the desired vapor production. Conversely, higher-resistance coils, also known as plus-ohm coils, need less power to achieve the same effect.

Vape Coils FAQs

What Are Vape Coils Made Of?

Not all e-cigarettes are the same. Various brands and styles are available, and they heat the vapor to different degrees. So, the heating coils are also made of other metals, with the most commonly used coils of alloys of iron, chromium, and aluminum or nickel and chromium.

How Do Vape Coils Work?

Inside the metal casing of your clearomizer, you’ll find a cotton wick that absorbs the liquid or vape juice when you fill it up.

The coil, a small metal spiral inside the wick, is heated by the battery, which turns the liquid into vapor. When you inhale through the drip tip, the vapor travels up the chimney of your vape tank and into your mouth or lungs.

How To Clean Replaceable Vape Coils?

The process of cleaning vaping coils differs according to their types. So if you have replaceable coils, follow the steps listed below.

  • Soak it in ethanol, vinegar, or inexpensive vodka for a few hours.
  • Rinse it under the tap and follow up with a rinse using distilled water.
  • Blow air onto the open side of the coil to push water out of the wicking holes.
  • Set it aside until all the water has evaporated.

How Often Should You Replace Vape Coils?

Whatever your vaping habits, consider buying replacement coils once a month. If you regularly vape and use a premium vape coil, you will usually need to replace them in 7 to 21 days. However, if you are not a regular vaper, you may return them in four weeks.

How To Build Vape Coils?

  • Cut a 5-6 inch piece of wire from your spool to create your vape coil. This will allow you to adjust the coil size to 3-4 afterward.
  • Next, wrap the wire around until you reach your desired number of loops to achieve the ideal resistance. Carefully insert both ends of the coil – one into the positive slot and the other into the negative slot – after detaching the tank build deck.
  • Ensure the coil is in the middle and the wires are as straight as possible before gently tightening the screws to fit your homemade vape coil.
  • To complete the process, cut a piece of cotton and overlap it by around half an inch on each coil side.
  • Tuck the cotton underneath the coil to help it absorb your e-liquid. Congratulations, you have now fitted your vape coil, which is ready to use immediately!

Why Do Vape Coils Go Bad?

Here are the primary reasons your vape device’s coils may go bad.

  • You’re not cleaning your coils.
  • You are using sweetened vape juice. E-liquid containing sucralose can damage your vape coils by leaving behind a sticky film when heated at a high temperature.
  • You are vaping at a high wattage range.
  • You are not priming the new coil when you install it.

Why Are My Vape Coils Burning So Fast?

If you use the vape coil regularly, the coil is likely to dry out in patches or entirely burn out. Many vapers unintentionally use the wrong e-liquid with the inappropriate vape device leading to frustration when their coils start burning without an apparent reason.

Vape Coils Buyers Guide

Where To Buy Premium Vape Coils?

You can buy a perfect coil from both online and offline coil manufacturers. However, it might be daunting at the same time to find an authentic vendor selling the finest product at affordable prices.

So, it would always help to read blogs from authentic sites to make an informed decision on the product. You can also see our website to learn about vape coils and other cannabis products in detail.

How To Buy The Best Vape Coils?

While choosing the best vape coils for yourself, you must decide the type of vape device (like vape mod) and the type of coils (like mesh coil) you prefer. Next, always buy these products from a reputable source for a better vaping experience. Ensure that they don’t hesitate to tell you about their manufacturing source.

Can You Take Vape Coils On A Plane?

As per the guidelines given by the TSA, you can carry vaping devices like coils and batteries in your carry-on bags. You can, however, keep them out of your checked bags for security measures.

How Much Do Vape Coils Cost?

The price of coils might vary across the sites due to availability, affordability, and demand. However, you can find them to range between $1-$5.

What Is The Legal Age To Buy Vape Coils?

In most states, you can legally buy vape coils if you are above 18. However, make sure to check the local laws to remain safe, as the legal policies vary according to countries and states.

Why Can’t You Buy Vape Coils Through PayPal?

Paying for coils through PayPal is impossible as vaping comes under a high-risk industry, and the company refrains from working with such businesses. It also restricts transactions on all tobacco products due to legal policies associated with the sale of tobacco.

How To Choose The Best Vendor For Your Vape Coils?

30-Day Guarantee  

While buying vape coils, choose a vendor who offers you a 30-day guarantee, as this will let you return the product if you are not happy with the purchase, and you will also get your money back within 30 days.

Shipping Information 

Make sure that the vendor you are buying from has a same-day shipping facility and ships to areas only where cannabis is legal. Ensure your order is processed within 24 to 72 hours, and a confirmation mail is sent afterward.

Third-Party Lab Reports 

It’s crucial to look for suppliers who post independent test findings on their websites to verify your items’ purity, potency, and quality.

Through this, you can ensure that your products have undergone objective testing at unbiased labs and are devoid of potentially dangerous substances.

Legal Information

Make sure the store only offers vape coils in areas where doing so is permitted by law. Review the local cannabis laws because some nations have outlawed some cannabis products while others have just partially legalized them.

Safety Information

It’s essential to look for a few crucial criteria when finding a reliable vape coil provider. First, check if they have a trustworthy website and unambiguous terms and conditions. Make sure that they have a strict privacy policy in place; second. Additionally, be sure they prioritize securing your information and provide secure payment options.

Positive Reviews

It is crucial to consider customer evaluations when picking a vape coil supplier. They are among the most critical factors in determining a provider’s legitimacy. Positive customer reviews also confirm a seller’s dependability, legality, and product quality.

Affordable Prices

Always make sure to prioritize vendors who sell high-quality products at affordable prices. However, it would help to remember that low-cost products do not guarantee quality. So, choose a vendor who offers both.

Customer Support

Look for always-available vendors who can answer your queries without hesitation. A reliable vendor will also provide a detailed view of their products, prices, and policies.


Select the vendors who value transparency and update you on their products and business practices frequently. Ensure that they walk you through every step of their manufacturing methods, including the source of your vape coils and the final packaging of the products.