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How To Stop A Disposable Vape From Auto Firing?

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If you use disposable vape, you must face this issue often while vaping. It is very irritating when the cartomizer is auto-firing during vaping. This article is on stopping disposable vapes to auto fire. Follow these few easy steps to help you avoid automatic firing properly.

  • Fix Defective Battery

If you purchased a new battery from another vendor online, this should solve the problem of auto firing. If you use a third-party battery and auto-firing occurs, you may want to try reaching them for warranty information or battery replacement when the battery life runs out.

  • Fix Poor Quality Coils

The coil of the disposable vape pen is made of very thin metal wires. This means it will quickly burn out and will need to be replaced. If the coil is not returned, the battery will not have enough power to fire the cartridge. As a result, you will receive a burnt taste from your vape pen.

To resolve this issue, purchase a new coil for your disposable vape pen and replace the old one. This will fix the auto-firing issue while improving your vape juice’s flavor.

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  • Fix Poor Connection

Clean them with an alcohol-soaked cotton swab and let them dry before attempting to use your device again. If you’re using a twin coil atomizer, thoroughly clean both sides of each coil with a soaked-in rubbing alcohol. You should also ensure that no dirt or residue is lodged between or around your battery connections. Check that nothing touches your battery’s contacts; if something prevents them from making contact, remove it immediately.

Check that everything fits appropriately. The atomizer should fit tightly on your battery and not slide up or down during smoking.

  • Fix Extreme Temperatures

Your vape is likely firing because the high temperatures have increased above the sweet spot. You can correct this by doing the following:

Add a few drops of e-liquid in your tank. This will chill the coil and slow down the wicking process. The liquid will quickly evaporate, but it should help to slow down firing until you can replace the atomizer or clean out your tank.

You must clean your tank or replace an old coil with a new one. If you’ve been using an outdated atomizer or have buildup on your coil, it could be causing issues when you try to fire at higher temperature.

  • Fix The Incorrect Voltage

Most disposable vapes have a voltage range of 3.2-4 volts and should be set to 4 for the best vaping experience. If your vape is at a lower voltage, the disposable vape auto fires because it lacks the power to heat up quickly enough. 

You can alter this setting by pushing the button on the device’s side 5 times rapidly. This will cycle you through all of its options until you reach one that states “Voltage” in large letters. By pressing this button, you can modify the voltage from 3.2-4 volts until it matches the appropriate level.

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How To Prevent Your Disposable Vape Pen From Auto Firing?

The easiest way to prevent auto firing is to your disposable vape is to keep it in good condition by regularly cleaning it using a damp paper cloth or cotton bud. People often search for how to clean your vape pen. This is because routine maintenance is essential for maintaining a vaporizer function in the long run. 

When cleaning your device, take special care of the area where the vape connects to the battery. Furthermore, you should avoid dropping your vape pen.

Final Thoughts

Auto-firing problems are widespread with disposable vape pens. Therefore it’s up to you as the user to figure out what’s wrong before that horrible burnt smell sets in. Hopefully, a fast cleaning will suffice, and you’ll be able to resume vaping in no time. 

If you still have problems after attempting the above solutions, your vape is likely beyond repair. Fortunately, most vapes come with a 6-month guarantee, so if you’re still within that time frame, contact the merchant who sold you the device, and they’ll be able to issue you a refund or replacement.

It’s crucial to remember that this warranty does not cover accidental damage (such as drops or spills), and you must contact the dealer where you purchased the vape to return it.


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