How To Pass A Nicotine Test If You Vape?

How To Pass A Nicotine Test If You Vape?

Cigarettes and e-cigarettes have one thing in common: NICOTINE. If you want to stop smoking cigarettes and looking for a better option, a vape pen might be one. However, you should be aware that vaping leads to nicotine exposure, and you will almost certainly be flagged if you take a nicotine drug test. So, how to pass a nicotine test if you vape? 

You will get an answer and tips to pass the nicotine testing. Moreover, we would also look at how long nicotine stays in one’s system. 

5 Ways To Pass Nicotine Tests If You Vape? 

The truth is that vaping on the same day when you are taking nicotine tests is never recommended because it makes passing the test extremely difficult. This is why users keep inquiring about, “Will I fail a drug test if I vape.” If you know you’ll be taking a nicotine test, switching to a vape juice with a lower dosage is always a good idea to avoid nicotine overdose. Furthermore, all vape juices have nicotine levels, so choose the ones with the lowest level to flush nicotine from your system as quickly as possible.

How To Pass A Nicotine blood test If You Vape?

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Increase Water Intake To Flush Out Nicotine Products 

Nicotine is a drying compound by nature, and you’ll need a lot of fluids to replace the ones you’ve already lost when vaping. Thus, drinking plenty of water before a nicotine urine test will help dilute your urine sample, and the test may not detect nicotine. 

Additionally, nicotine is evaluated using samples from several body regions, including hair, nails, saliva, urine, and blood tests. However, blood and urine tests are the most prevalent. So, if you want to pass the nicotine urine test, you should drink enough water to help detox and flush out waste products from your system. Moreover, you may also try vitamin-filled cranberry juice or green tea as a citrus drink to cut out nicotine. 

Use A Neutralizing Mouthwash 

The saliva test is another way to check nicotine, but it can be quickly passed. So, if you want to be tested using only your saliva, you’re in luck. If you are not a heavy vaper, you only need to stop vaping for at least a week before you test positive. Several mouthwash brands can neutralize your saliva for a few hours. Using those for your saliva nicotine test will ensure you pass it quickly. Moreover, if you’re conducting the saliva test, you’ll also need to drink a lot of water and swirl it in your mouth with each mouthful.

There is another product called nicotine gum. They can be used 15 minutes before your drug testing. Place a capsule in your mouth and eat it. Otherwise, use a strong mouthwash at least three times every day for about a week, and you should be good to pass any qualitative testing. 

Try Detox Pills 

Using detox tablets is ideal if you have up to a week before the drug tests. Naturally, nicotine enters the blood while vaping. It means nicotine stays for over three days. But if you vape frequently, your blood may detect cotinine for up to 14 days. The best strategy to avoid blood testing is to initially clear nicotine intake. You may also abstain entirely for 10 days before the test.

You can purchase a natural detox drink or pills to help speed up the rate at which the toxins leave your blood sample throughout your abstinence period. Even though detox pills claim to be effective, especially for a nicotine or cotinine test, they may not always stand up to your expectations. This means you need to be mindful of additional techniques like water intake and, most importantly, stop vaping at the correct time gap. 

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Work Out

Working out can aid in the removal of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Regular exercise causes your blood to flow faster and causes you to sweat more than usual. Sweating lets your body expel waste products (nicotine/ tobacco smoke). You don’t need to participate in strenuous activity; go for walks in your neighborhood and ride your bike more frequently.

Pay Attention To Your Diet 

Consuming plenty of fresh veggies and fruits might aid in detoxifying. Vitamin-c rich fruits and vegetables are antioxidants that improve your body’s metabolism and can quickly drain nicotine out of your system. 

The truth is that most people dislike eating veggies because they don’t taste good. However, vegetables are high in fiber and water content. They are required to speed up the process of metabolization, especially if you smoke cigarettes or vape regularly. 

You should also eat foods that stimulate bile formation in the liver. This will aid in removing nicotine from your system. Remember that modifying your food alone will not get you through a test. Therefore, combine it with detox tablets, or you may also participate in a smoking cessation program for better assistance. 

What Is The Usual Period Of Nicotine In One’s System? 

Most insurance companies test for nicotine concentrations using a urine sample, which remains in the urine for no more than one week.

As a result, insurance companies no longer test for nicotine but rather for “cotinine,” a nicotine metabolite.

Cotinine can linger in the body for three weeks or up to a month, depending on the individual. As a result, it’s critical to stay clean for at least a month. Furthermore, the body retains nicotine/cotinine for varying durations, depending on several factors. They include- age, hormone levels, the use of certain medications, and, of course, how much nicotine you vape.

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Final Thoughts

The best method to pass a nicotine test is to abstain for at least 13 days. Moreover, the solutions given are entirely infallible. It would be unfortunate to get in trouble for something that can be prevented. Lessen the amount of nicotine while still refraining for 10 days, and you should pass your nicotine test with flying colors.


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