How To Make Vape Coils Last Longer?

How To Make Vape Coils Last Longer?

So how to make vape coils last longer? Maintaining a functioning coil will improve your experience while also helping reduce vaping expenses. Moreover, your vaping technique and coil maintenance can make vape coils last longer. Depending on how frequently you use the vaping device, you may anticipate your coil life from anywhere around a week to a month. 

Today, we’ll look at some tried-and-tested advice from the vaping community on how to make your vape coils last longer. 

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7 Tips To Make Vape Coils Last Longer

The taste of burning a vape coil is the most common problem faced in any vaping experience. Therefore, we have brought you a few money-saving tips to enhance the life of your vape coil. 

1. Steer Clear Of Sweets

While sweetened e-liquid tastes excellent, it also stresses your coil gunk more because vape juices have sweeteners to give them their flavor. If you vape regularly, consider e-liquids with less sweetness, like a menthol or sugar-free sweetener sucralose. You may also try an unsweetened e-liquid or vape juice sometimes. It is because a sweetener tends to clog up your coil.

2. Vape At A Lower Wattage

By reducing your wattage, you’ll be less demanding on your coil and help it last longer. However, if you favor high wattage, accept that you will decrease your coil longevity more quickly than a vaper who prefers lower power. Therefore, one needs to be mindful of their coil’s temperature while vaping

3. Prime New Coils

You can avoid the burnt taste before the e-liquid reaches the coil’s wick by priming a new coil.

Locate the holes in the coil’s head where the wick and e-liquid converge to the prime. Drop some of your e-liquid directly onto the coil and wicking material once you’ve located them. When it appears that your coil can no longer hold any more liquid, it indicates that it is fully saturated. After giving the wick enough time to soak, you can put the fresh one into your vaporizer. Take a few hits without pushing the fire button to start vaping. 

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4. Pause For A While To Make The Coils Last Longer 

Chain vaping, which involves taking several quick, deep breaths, might stress your coil since the wick can’t keep up with the volume. Therefore, the coil’s lifespan will last longer if you take your time and wait 20 to 30 seconds between puffs to give it a chance to cool down and recuperate.

5. Avoid Dry Burning

While completely dry burning coils is a popular way of coil cleaning and is successful in the short term, it can reduce the lifespan of the coils in the long run. Numerous vapers also claim that dry-burning coils hasten buildup’s occurrence or deplete the quality of a vape tank.

6. Choose High-Quality Vape Juice 

As fewer sweets are present in high-quality vape juice, your coil will be less prone to become damaged over time. Furthermore, significant sweeteners are typically present in low-quality e-liquids, which start to caramelize, clog the coil with a sticky residue, and wear down the wick.

Thus, the PG/VG ratio of a liquid can have a significant impact, so using a high quality PG vape juice to lessen the possibility of any e-liquid residue building up on your vape coil is one way to extend the life of your coil. 

Moreover, more vape juice with high PG ratio, 50/50 e-liquids, and nicotine salts are significantly better at extending the lifespan of your coils because they have a thinner consistency. 

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7. Clean Before Your Vape Coils Burn

Even if you use high-quality vape juices that are completely saturated, residue forms can still accumulate on your coil and degrade its effectiveness. Because of this, cleaning your coil and getting rid of this buildup regularly is crucial. 

Your coil can be cleaned with ease. All you need to do is take it out of your gadget, rinse it, and soak it in hot water for the night. Instead of buying a specialized cleaning solution, use vinegar and vodka; they also work. 

After saturation, allow them to air dry once more overnight. They can be reinstalled in your vape once they are entirely dry. Therefore, developing the practice of routine cleaning can increase the lifespan and enhance the coil’s flavor. 


Firstly, avoid buying cheap coils, as they would ultimately become costlier in the long run. Keep taking account of the tips mentioned above to keep your coils and vape pens in good condition for a more extended period. Moreover, if you are curious about do vapes set off metal detectors, read the complete information on the web. 


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