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How To Make E Liquid At Home?

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Here is the ultimate guide to making your vape juice to show you exactly how to make your own e-liquid in the comfort of your home.

DIY vape juice effectively makes your own bespoke liquid to suit your exact tastes and needs. Making your own vape juice allows you to determine the food flavor, nicotine strength, and, most importantly, how to spread vaping costs effectively.

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Material Requirements To Make Vape Juice At Home

  • 10 ml bottles
  • Syringes
  • Containers for measuring
  • Gloves
  • Kitchen roll
  • Nicotine Shots (20 mg is limit)
  • PG & VG 
  • Flavor Concentrate

Steps For Making Vape Juice At Home

  • Measurements 

Your first step before starting anything is to decide how much vape juice you want to make. This would include everything, from e juice content to the nicotine and Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin level; everything has to be precise. To help you with that, you can look for various vape juice calculators available to calculate the vape juice. 

  • Create The Base

After measuring everything, your next step is to concoct the base mixture. Based on the calculation, you would know how much ratio of PG/VG would be used. Keep your gloves on, and get on with it. Here comes the use of syringes and the measuring container. Pour the calculated amount of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin into the beaker and blend them carefully.

After using the syringes, rinse them thoroughly for future use.

  • Flavor

Here comes the exciting and experimental part of the process. Even though you’ve calculated everything, you can play around here. If you’re going for intense flavor, this is your time to shine.

Generally, it is recommended that at 5%, the flavor concentrate would be subtle, while 20% would be the limit.  

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  • Nicotine

Your mindfulness would be needed here the most. Remember that nicotine is the most potent substance, which can ruin your make if miscalculated. It is very strong and can be very overwhelming. Various nic shots are available in the market, so choose carefully. 

With the calculations, you would know how much nicotine would be used.

  • Mix The Mixture

Last but not least, your final step is here. Mix the blend in the beaker. Slowly stir it and mix it carefully. Take the fresh syringe and transfer the liquid from the beaker to the plastic bottle, and if you’re using multiple bottles, mix the former blend properly to get an even consistency. 

Now that you’ve bottled the liquid, shake it thoroughly. But that’s not it. The homemade vape juice has to sleep for about 5 days. You can use it before that, but it will not have the same quality and flavor concentrates you would expect. So, be patient! 

Moreover, vapers often put up questions like, can you mix vape juices? Or it is safe to mix vape juice. To answer this in short, yes you can mix vape juice. 

Things To Avoid While Making An DIY Vape Juice

  1. No suitable flavorings – You shouldn’t ever be using food flavorings that haven’t been designed explicitly for e-cigarettes. While ‘flavorings’ may be ideal for other things, such as cooking, it does not mean they are suitable for inhaling. Only use specific e-liquid flavorings from a reputable source.
  2. Ultra-high nicotine strength – Control the nicotine’s power in your DIY e-liquid. If your nicotine strength is too high, it is easy to vape too much.
  3. Essential oils- Such oils have no place in e-liquid and should never be utilized.
  4. Water / Vodka- Using water or vodka as a foundation was standard in the early days of DIY vape juice. This was done to thin the e-liquids and improve the flavor. It isn’t necessary anymore, and we wouldn’t recommend it. If you want vape juice with a slightly thinner base, use Aqueous Glycerine (AG) instead of VG. This is a diluent that contains VG and distilled water. Vodka as a basis isn’t essential; if you want to reduce the amount of PG in your e-liquid, DIY e juice allows you to use practically all VG and still get a superb vape liquid.

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