How To Grind Weed By Hand?

how to grind weed by hand

At times smokers are all ready for smoking weed but find themselves without a weed grinder by their side. This could become a hindrance when you are set to roll joints of the cannabis flower.

Though you do not necessarily need the equipment, grinding weed is crucial. It is so because small particles allow better airflow; otherwise, they burn unevenly.

This article will talk about how to grind weed by hand without any herb grinder. We would show some of the easiest DIYs to ground flowers by hand to have a fine consistency.

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5 Ways To Grind Weed By Hand

Using A Cheese Grater

A cheese grater can come in handy for multiple options. It can be used for grinding weed before rolling paper. Go for the smallest size blade to grind your weed.

Furthermore, go to a clean surface area, and hold the substance against the grater. Then rub it back and forth against the blade. This method can be highly convenient for getting a finer grind.

How To Grind Weed By Hand?

Breaking It Up With Your Fingers

This method is the easiest if you’re strapped for an electric grinder. All you need to do is, wash your hands and unload the weed into a smoking vessel.

Afterward, crush it with your hands into smaller pieces. The finer you could crush, the better the small amount of weed you would get for smoking.

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Chop With A Pair Of Scissors

Sometimes weed might not be ground with a hand due to its sticky bud. In that case, a pair of scissors could be an excellent choice. Grab a small container and chop it into a powder like consistency.

Another step about how to grind weed by hand is a knife could also be used to get small amounts.

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Shaking The Substance In A Pill Bottle

Another way to grind more weed is to use an empty pill bottle. You may also use a shot glass by covering it with a lid. Place a coin on the bottom chamber of this grinder.

Then, load the product on top of the coin and close the lid tightly. Afterward, shake it vigorously before it’s ready to smoke. Moreover, there are many searches about “does CBD flower smell“. The answer is, it may. This is why you need to grind it thoroughly before using.

How To Grind Weed By Hand?

Using A Coffee Grinder

A coffee grinder may also be used as it has multiple chambers to support the process. Coffee grinders can work best to have a fine consistency with marijuana. Pour your product into the grinding chamber. Afterward, let it break all the trichomes of the weed steadily.

At last, you find the purest ground form in the kief catcher. Now pour it into a bowl and use the same for smoking. In case you have sticky fingers, make sure to wash up thoroughly.

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Why Do You Need To Grind Weed?

Hand-grounding marijuana is an innovative way to increase the flavor and aroma of this particular green herb. With a simple grinding motion, you can unlock the rich taste and scents of preparing weed in its organic form. This also ensures that you get all the desired effects of marijuana while smoking.

Not only is grinding by hand more tactile than using a machine, but it also gives users finer control over the size of their grinds. Finer grinds improve the absorption of the active ingredients, making weed an enjoyable recreational substance.

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How To Store Your Ground Weed?

Storing your ground weed is essential to ensure it stays as fresh and full-flavored as possible. The best way to do so is to keep it in an airtight container. That will lock away much of the humidity while still allowing your flower to breathe a little bit.

If you’re looking for something even more advanced, consider using a mason jar with a sealable rubber lid or particular smell-proof bags with carbon filters. Another great trick is to add a few pieces of desiccant along with your cannabis.

Overall, these methods will draw out any extra moisture that may be absorbed over time, keeping the flower nice and dry. This would ensure you get the maximum benefits of cannabis flower.

Final Takeaway

Smoking uncrushed cannabis flowers or weed just does not work. Apparently, it would lead to an unpleasant experience. No worries! You may try the above-listed DIYs to learn how to grind weed by hand.


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