How To Blow A Smoke Ring With A Vape?

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Long before the invention of vaporizers, people have been blowing O rings. They were first performed with cigarettes, joints, cigars, and pipes and were known as “blowing smoke rings.” Many eventually switched to vaping after realizing it allowed them to do a trick game. Additionally, it’s the easiest way to blow tricks using vapor because it generates a thick ring. 

Stay calm if you’re new to knowing the proper technique. It requires some practice time to produce a good ring. Thus, we would learn how to make smoke rings or other shapes using a vape pen. It would be a step-wise guide on how to blow a smoke ring with a vape to attain the best results. 

How To Blow A Smoke Ring With A Vape? 

What Is The Smoke Rings Technique Of Vaping?

There are several easy vape tricks that users keep doing to grab attention in a get-together. They blow smoke rings after inhaling enough vapor. Thus, producing small o shape smoke rings is one of the techniques done by vape users. But be careful while practicing as you may need to learn how to get vape juice out of clothes

Moreover, this technique can quickly be done by intaking an adequate amount of vapor. short breaths while vaping 

How To Make A Smoke Ring With Your Vaping Device? 

In the section below, we will be providing a step-wise guide for producing magnificent smoke rings with very few tips- 

Step 1

First thing, inhale some of the smoke. Don’t simply keep it in your mouth; keep it back of your throat. It could take some time to adjust to this. Additionally, it might cause a subtle cough.

Step 2 

Your tongue should be moved to the back of your throat. To direct the smoke away from your lips, drag your tongue back while maintaining it pointed downward and towards the bottom of your mouth.

Step 3 

Put an “O” in the form of your mouth. Likewise, extend this shape with your lips as if making the sound “ooo” (like in the word “boot”). The diameter of the circle should be as large as you can tolerate. Don’t worry too much; give yourself room to move. 

Step 4 

Small smoke embers should be expelled. The sound you create when you slightly choke, constrict your glottis, and force air through your lips is the most excellent method to demonstrate how to do this. You’ll feel pressure followed by a brief burst of smoke, but you shouldn’t utilize your vocal cords during this. The exhalation should be a guttural whisper to produce a vape ring. 

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Some Other Vaping Tricks For Beginners

Bubble Trick 

This creates a giant bubble with trapped vapor inside, like a conveyor belt. You will adore this easiest way because it is even better if you like blowing bubbles as a kid. It is another example of prop-based sorcery.

To make a blow of bubble, bring your lower jaw forward and inhale deeply. Afterward, keep your mouth closed and then exhale slowly in the shape of thicker clouds. 

Waterfall Trick 

This trick is the best out of many other beginner vape tricks. In it, the liquid mist is released from a bottle. It could be enjoyable, especially when you are partying outside. The method is to take a long drag and pour it into a bottle. The surface of the bottle should contain frozen water. Afterward, release the liquid mist on a flat surface. 

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French Inhale 

You would see the vapors flowing upwards from your tongue forward. In addition, Bane is at an advanced level to blow fire. Its name has been derived from the Batman- series. The trick is to put your teeth while exhaling out the thick vapor. Additionally, keep your lower jaw straight and pointed. This way, it would come out in a thin pipe form, making you look like Bane. 

Additional Tips 

Before learning or experimenting with different vape tricks, it is essential to buy high-quality vape devices. Moreover, maintain the vg/pg. ratio in your vape juice so you do not experience a harsh throat hit from a high VG combination. 

In addition, keep the vape’s battery intact and fully charged before you head out for vaping. If the vapors taste unpleasant, you may need to clean the heating chamber again. 

Overall, the above-mentioned initial steps would keep your vaping device up to date. The quality of your vape juice would also remain fresh while intact with your chosen vape flavors

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The Bottom Line 

Hence, we learned how to produce an o ring as a vaping technique. If you find others as a poor technique, this one is undoubtedly for you. Besides, follow the basic guidelines before vaping to make this process much smoother for you. 


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